Sunday, December 21, 2008

Words don’t kill, It’s the person behind the words that does the Killing

So recently I just started my Blog a day diet. It helps keep my weight up, my mind sane, and helps me smile through the stresses of reality.

Today’s Topic is: Words Don’t Kill, It’s The Person Behind The Words That Does The Killing.

Today I would like to be Called Philosopher Bess!

A word is a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds of their written representation that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.

I have unlocked my talent with words, but I’m still experimenting, hoping one day I’ll be able to master them. Being that I am in my experimenting stage….I have created a few Frankenstein’s. Having a way with words is great, but when negative outcomes occur, best believe these Frankenstein’s have hearts. At times it has been hard to keep one’s word. Lately I’ve been using these words as bullets and shooting people down. I’ve never been shot with a bullet, but recovery can take a while if the shot caused major damage. Be as good as one’s word, is somewhat a challenge, but I know I am better then my own words. Lately I haven’t been able to weigh my own words meaning I haven’t been choosing my words carefully. Words by themselves are powerful, but the person delivering the power behind the word is far more powerful. In my Laboratory which I call my mind, I’m working on formulas to where my words only cause good vibrations and the effect is positive. Once the serum is complete, not only will it enhance who I am, it will affect around me in a positive way, create new beginnings, and add to the great things to come. These Frankenstein’s have portrayed me as a monster at, but deep down I do have a heart. I thought being the shooter would be fun until I became trigger happy.

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