Sunday, December 21, 2008

Awkward Moments

Well I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Collard Greens, green beans, homemade macaroni & cheese, turkey, ham, roast beef, yam, etc. Dang………..I’m getting hungry again, so I’m not even going to mention desserts! So right now, I’m going through a little something that has me mentally and emotionally down. I just hope that things get right very soon. Despite that I’m still down to give my readers some random blogs! I bet all ya’ll nosey people want to know what this little something is about?!?!?!?! It could turn out to be great material for my next blog, but who knows if you’ll ever read it!

Well enough about my personal problems, I’ll let you wear those shoes another day, so let’s talk about some AWKWAED MOMENTS! We all have been in some awkward situation; rather you are by yourself or in a group of friends. I think I go through about 3 a week…..actually I think I’m lying. More like 5 a day it seems like. Let me just give you a few incidents and maybe you can relate to them.

1.) While riding in the car you look at the window to see who is in the car next to. As you turn your head, they are already staring at you.
2.) Receiving that one hug or handshake from a customer or random person that last entirely way to long.
3.) When you’re a man standing in line and another man needs to get through the line and his front end grazes your back end.
4.) Having to walk down those long hallways at malls to get to the restroom and another person is walking from the other end. No one makes eye contact till you both pass each other and look back.
5.) Sitting in a car silent car with someone other family and you run out of things to talk about, “Sooooo……”
6.) Standing in an elevator with a random person and they look at you through the reflection.
7.) Tapping on someone’s shoulder to say what’s up to them but come to find out it’s not your friend.
8.) Being at the urinal next to the man who let’s out the huge sigh of relief while going pee.
9.) Opening up the bathroom stall door when you think no one is in there.

Nine awkward moments is good enough. I really don’t want to bore you to death, and I have homework that needs to get started. Yes homework on a Saturday! Well it’s time to cook some breakfast, iron my clothes for work, pick up my co-worker on the way, and head to work, come home to some homework!!!! What a day! Exciting Right! Till next time……………….

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