Sunday, December 21, 2008

Damn Girl, your breath makes my Nose Cry!

I’m in a feel good mood tonight, which means you shall in up in the state of cachinnation (dumb it down terms: Laughter). I get fuel and I just keep on going! So fella’s, have you ever talked to a girl whose breath is so bad, your eyes begin to water, nose begins to leak, and your nose hairs curl up? What really makes it worse is if you accidently inhale as her first word comes out to where you can taste the fierceness of the breath. Some girls got fire breath like Dhalsim from Street Fighter……”Yoga Fire!” HAHAHAHAHAHA! It really sucks when you have checking out a pretty girl, and when the opportunity arrives to talk to her, the bum like breath catches with an uppercut. Stuff like that ruins the night, but opens the gate for an appetizing Blog!

Bon Appetite!!!

Hope you Enjoyed!

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