Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mass Christmas Text Messages

Well Today’s Blog shall be pretty short and simple. No creativity was needed for tonight’s blog. Many of the people who have cell phones in this world have started the mass text of Christmas messages! If you are going to text me please personalize mine. Let me know that the message is for me by adding my name or something!

Well I believe a contradiction is about to take place because I am about to wish everyone a Merry Christmas without mentioning no names………………….Hmmmmmm!

Merry Christmas to ALL and have a Joyous Day!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Someone said, “Wake up Mr. Bess!”

They didn’t say it loud enough, because I kept on dreaming. During my dream I was asked how big my world is. Well that one question leads right into today’s blog.


Your world is as big as you picture it. The world through my thoughts and eyes is colossal! There is so much out there. I have dreams and aspirations so big, that I have no doubts in my mind about becoming successful. I have developed this “go, go, get it mentality,” so when I do make it, there will be no stopping me. Here is a cool recipe from a hip hop group out of California called Inverse:
3 Parts Hunger
2 Parts Passion
1 Step closer from making it happen

Anyone who is about becoming successful, and doing great things with that success is more then welcome to enter my world. Everyday my world is growing. One question for you………How big is your world?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Holiday Season


Well…..I guess I’m the only one in my lonely mind but I would like to welcome ya’ll to another day of the wake up Mr. Bess Blog. The Holiday season is definitely here in full effect. Have you seen it, heard it, or smelled it? Corny Christmas songs play through ugly moving stuff animals. Santa Clauses skinny & fat are all around to put smiles on people’s faces and collect donations. Christmas lights and blow entities catch are eyes as we drive by on the icy roads of the night. I have noticed one major thing this year that is unlike most years. The stores are a lot emptier this year. The economy went sour, thousands of people have been laid off work, and a lot of people are trying hard to hold on to their money. It is sad that Christmas has became so commercialized, that people stress out over buying gifts, fight over gifts, and even steal gifts.

Tonight I did want to post a Blog about things I would like for Christmas, but after being out tonight, and watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special, I had a change in heart. Personally I love the gift of giving. If I want something that bad I’ll go out and get it myself. I have no reason to be mad if I don’t receive anything. I’ve been blessed this year most definitely, and I am thankful for that.

No mater what religion you are, Christmas is a time to reflect on the people who made you what you are, loved you, cared for you, and stuck by your side. Spend time with the people you love. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Be thankful for what you have and do not let greed overcome you!

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Super Snow DAY

If you live in the High Desert, today you were officially stuck in the High desert! It is still snowing as I type this blog. It hasn’t snowed like this in years. What a crazy/beautiful day it has been. I would personally like to thank the snow for helping me and my co-workers get out of work early today. I truly appreciate that kind gesture.

The Crazy things I seen while at work today:
1.) A couple wearing jackets, jeans, and Sandals?!?!?!?!?
2.) Parents carrying uncovered babies in this cold weather
3.) People wearing shorts and t-shirts

I can’t even lie….I played in the snow today and even made a snowman (as seen in my myspace pictures). If you do feel the urge to drive, please be careful. There are some people out there that are still wanting try some stupid things on the road in these conditions. Other than that, go enjoy some snow and keep Warm!!!!!

Las Vegas Trip

What’s up internet World. I’m finally back from my mini vacation in Las Vegas! Did ya’ll miss me? I just wanted to let everyone know that I am eating Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup with some Apple Juice on the side. It’s making me dance, but it is warm and I enjoy right now.
Rather you go to Las Vegas to gamble, site see, relax, party, eat, shop, or even watch a show, you will have fun! I guarantee it (that statement is wakeupmrbess approved)! I loved my whole entire stay this weekend. Despite the fact I don’t gamble, U still ate well, drank well, slept well, and partied well. Friday evening we made it to Las Vegas and we stayed at Circus Circus. People ask why we stayed there the first night…..The price was right…….LoL! You do get what you pay for. Only one elevator worked that went to are floor level. The ice machine on are floor was broken. The room was great for drinking alcohol, and the beds were comfortable. We went to Margaritaville and had a couple of drinks. The bartender made this like strawberry shortcake drink. That drink was delicious!!!! The rest of the Pre-gaming started in the room that night. The vodka drinks had me feeling pretty good. Tao was the club of the night for us. The spot was crackin’! I must say, I was accompanied by an amazing girl that night……..OMG…….She was Sexy! A lot of that night turned into a blur for most of the group that night. I know I woke up with a fatty headache the next morning, and I could taste vodka. After waking up, we packed up, checked out, made a McDonalds stop, and then went to Bally’s Hotel. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat old appearance of the hotel, because they actually have some really nice rooms. After that crazy night at Tao We required a little more sleep. After the small slumber it was time to eat. I had a nice steak and shrimp meal at the small café we ate at. The funny thing about that café was that all the servers seemed like they were lost in their own worlds. After we ate, we relaxed for a little bit then, began pre-gaming for the next club. That night I became a fan of Gin. Gin & Tonics are great but Tom Collins is a really great drink. It’s one of my nee favorites right now. We all got dressed up and ended up going to Body English. Once again I was accompanied by a super sexy girl that night! Body English is another crackin’ spot as well. I don’t know who the random people are that ended up on my camera that night, but it was a good night!

We all woke up starving the next day. We all went to the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio. Food hit the spot just right, and the Raspberry ice tea was super refreshing. I never had crab legs that were cooked and then put on ice before, but I chomped them crab legs up with some lemon and melted butter! After we left the Rio, went to the Paris Hotel and picked up the $15.00 margaritas. They are some very good margaritas I must say. The pre-gaming started early since it was the last night of partying. We first went to a small Irish pub/casino called O’Sheas which had beer pong tables there. My teammate and I lost all the games we played, but I left drunk. After O’sheas we went to a club called poetry. If you want to party with hella black people, this is the spot to be at. I really don’t remember my last night to well. I woke up this morning with my feet toward the headboard. I woke up just a little drunk but after I took a shower I felt great again. The drive home was kind of cool. It was my first time coming back from Las Vegas with multiple weather changes. We drove through rain, sleet, hail, and snow. The snow was actually sticking to which made a nice picture. Speaking of pictures…..I brought my camera and everyone else ended up on the camera way more times than me.

Well sorry if today’s blog was not interesting, but I had a super fun time in Vegas. I will have some great blogs for you all very soon since I’m on break right now.
Till next time……Wake Up MR. BESS!!!!!!

Internet Bully’s

So I’m on day 2 of my drinking strike and high desert club/bar ban. I think tonight is like $1 or $2 drink night at a few places for you bargain drinkers out there. So today I went to school and basically listened to my IPod the whole day without skipping tracks which is rare for me. My IPod consist of artist such as: Atmosphere, Black Milk, Blu & Exile, Braille, QN5, Common Market, CRAC, Danger Mouse & Jemini, Danny!, Elzhi, EMC, Giant Panda, Gio, The Grouch, Inverse, Lauryn Hill, Lightheaded, Living Legends, Modil, Median, Mr. J. Medeiros, N.E.R.D., Nicolay & Kay, Panacea, The Procussions, Q-Tip, Rashid Hadee, The Roots, Sivion, Skillz, The Strange Fruit Project, Surreal, Tabi Bonney, Tanya Morgan, Theory Hazit, Etc.

You should check out a few of these artists sometime. You may actually enjoy them!

Sorry to bore you with that introduction, so let’s dive into the topic of internet bully’s. People say I have a lot of time on my hands to write all these blogs, which I really don’t. I just make time, because it is fun to me. On the other hand, internet bully’s have all the time in the world and no life. Internet bullies are just as whack as gangsters and world terrorist. Internet bullies are random people who threaten you through messages, comments, and sometimes even instant messaging. Crazy I know?!?!?!?!? For example:

XoXoBloodgangstaXoXo: if you ever write a square ass comment like that again, I’m finna smack the shit outta ya!

NoHoMo3537: I punk kats for fun, and your song sucks dick! Crips ^^^^^

YUnGthiLLER87: Why you got the color red on your myspace page. Nigga if I see you in the streets, you gon’ get banged on Cuz!

IxamxAxMARTIAN: How you dance’n with that girl in the video. Man I’ll &*$@ your Girl and make her swallow my kids!

My readers, do you see what I mean now?!?!?! Ridiculous is on a whole new level. I guess it is the era where virtual punking and bang’n is the latest craze. The internet is one crazy place where somebody can be anybody!

Awkward Moments

Well I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Collard Greens, green beans, homemade macaroni & cheese, turkey, ham, roast beef, yam, etc. Dang………..I’m getting hungry again, so I’m not even going to mention desserts! So right now, I’m going through a little something that has me mentally and emotionally down. I just hope that things get right very soon. Despite that I’m still down to give my readers some random blogs! I bet all ya’ll nosey people want to know what this little something is about?!?!?!?! It could turn out to be great material for my next blog, but who knows if you’ll ever read it!

Well enough about my personal problems, I’ll let you wear those shoes another day, so let’s talk about some AWKWAED MOMENTS! We all have been in some awkward situation; rather you are by yourself or in a group of friends. I think I go through about 3 a week…..actually I think I’m lying. More like 5 a day it seems like. Let me just give you a few incidents and maybe you can relate to them.

1.) While riding in the car you look at the window to see who is in the car next to. As you turn your head, they are already staring at you.
2.) Receiving that one hug or handshake from a customer or random person that last entirely way to long.
3.) When you’re a man standing in line and another man needs to get through the line and his front end grazes your back end.
4.) Having to walk down those long hallways at malls to get to the restroom and another person is walking from the other end. No one makes eye contact till you both pass each other and look back.
5.) Sitting in a car silent car with someone other family and you run out of things to talk about, “Sooooo……”
6.) Standing in an elevator with a random person and they look at you through the reflection.
7.) Tapping on someone’s shoulder to say what’s up to them but come to find out it’s not your friend.
8.) Being at the urinal next to the man who let’s out the huge sigh of relief while going pee.
9.) Opening up the bathroom stall door when you think no one is in there.

Nine awkward moments is good enough. I really don’t want to bore you to death, and I have homework that needs to get started. Yes homework on a Saturday! Well it’s time to cook some breakfast, iron my clothes for work, pick up my co-worker on the way, and head to work, come home to some homework!!!! What a day! Exciting Right! Till next time……………….

Concert on Wheels

1 final essay down, 3 more to go, and 2 in class finals. Yup it’s crunch time right now ladies and gentlemen, plus I work a full time job, and still find the time to provide you with a lame blog! Whack or not, you still get your blog. Dedication maybe or just the gift of giving since it is the holiday season. Speaking of holiday season, I think I may have to blog about the items I like and hope they hand in my hand or door step, come Christmas time. Let’s jump right into today’s topic so I can get back to my school work.

My Car….I’m riding in my Car! Rather you like to pick your nose in car, release those farts you’ve been holding all day, sleep, change clothes, we all sing and rap in the automobile! Yea some of us sing in the shower, but the real concert begins in the concert. Rather you rock out, sing, rap, & even dance; we go all out in car when alone. The audience may stare and laugh, but who cares, they are not having fun in their car. Long drives, short drives to work, school, grocery store, I have a good time. When the music is on everything gets right for some reason. Sometimes I even feel I make the song sound better. Does anyone else feel that way? Group concerts are pretty fun to. When everyone has there own parts and then come together in attempt to harmonize….LoL! And for the people that don’t have stereo’s in their car invest in a portable radio, play the music on your cell phone, or better yet……Work on your beat box’n skills. Concert on wheels are pretty amazing though! If you never experienced it, I suggest you hop in your car and put your favorite song on, crank it up, and party. You will enjoy yourself!

Well that concludes this evening BLOG! Have a wonderful night! If you haven’t subscribed yet….you are hurting yourself! Do yourself a favor and Subscribe! It’s FREE!

A Crazy day in my Life!!!!

Some people say the good life is when you have money, cars, chains, a nice house, a beautiful women, and sex everyday. The other day that dream was stolen out of my mind. My Ex-Girlfriend called me and told me I had a son on the way. No reason for us to go on the Maury show, because I was her first and only one. I've never been so damned stressed in my life. How am I going to feed another mouth, when I'm barely eating everyday? Collections is taking everything, because my bills aren't paid. The only thing they let me keep is this pad that I scribble on when times are good, bad, and ugly. Right now, is probably one of the ugliest times of my life. My Car has not worked in weeks, and now my only rides are these limited edition Nikes that I wear on my feet. All I could do at the moment was lean against the wall, while staring at a blank white wall. All of a sudden I felt a tug on my pants. I looked down and seen an image of my child and he said,

"Why do we have to live like this?"
"I didn't have choice."
"I was just created and brought into this."

I ran to the sink, as my heart was racing out of my chest. I began splashing water on my face, and rubbing my eyes. I opened my eyes and turned around to see that no one was there. That's when I sighed in relief, and began walking toward the front. As I took my first step, I tripped over my feet. As I fell, I hit my head on the ground pretty hard on the carpet. When I hit the carpet, I woke up out of this crazy dream I had, and thanked God, that it was not reality!

Sometimes I scare myself When I Write!!!!!!
***Some probably thought it was true***

What are the Qualifications to be black & to use to the Word Nigga?

Hello Children, teens, young adults, adults, and wrinkled ones! Welcome to another day in my cerebellum. My creative juices have not been flowing lately because I’ve been hearing and seeing the same ol’ stuff. All my ideas have been coming to me while I’m in the shower. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it is the way the water hits my body or there may be something in the steam that enters my pores and activates my creativity. Today I did something pretty good as I always do. I cleaned out my closet as I do every couple times a year, and get rid of items I do not need. Those clothes I will donate to Salvation Army, and give them to families in need at the church with growing children. Applause for me…….Clap…….Clap…….Clap!!!

So let us get on the topic now. I rarely use the word NIGGA but the other day I said, “This NIGGA!” Shortly after I made the statement someone said, “DJ you’re not Black!” So I thought, maybe the pigmentation of my skin instantly turned white, or the person was colored blind. Maybe I’m not qualified due to the fact I tend to annunciate my words, my clothes are fitted, I stay calm, have a mother and father that stayed together, and I’ll end it there.

A Small part of a Qualification list:
*Wear clothes twice your size *Wear Creased Dickie Pants
*Eat Fried Chicken *Eat Watermelon
*Speak in slang throughout a whole conversation
*Wear Silver/Gold Jewelry with a plus size charm
*Wear Air Force One’s *Drink Kool-Aid
*Wear Sunglasses at night *Only watch BET & TVONE
*Wear pants twice your *Talk Loudly
* Put a System and Rims on all your cars

Out of that little list, 3.5 things apply to me. 3.5 out of 12 and I have very dark skin. Not even at 50%. So does that not allow me the opportunity to use the word NIGGA ? Who is the judge of that? DO I need my official hood pass, to at least use the word once a month? Fat Joe and DJ Khaled use it all the time and they are 0% African American. Surprising I know?!?!?!? My mother is black and my father is black. They created me and I came out black. Therefore I am black. I just carry myself differently. Names such as square, corny, oreo, white washed mean nada damn thing in my dictionary. I’m on my way to becoming a household name in a positive way!!!!


November 18, 2008 was the last time I posted a blog…….SLACKER!!!!! I’ve been very busy lately and my mind has been elsewhere. I’m slowly getting back into the blog mode though. Since I have started my blog I have 1,599 views. Cool, but at the same time not cool! I want millions and comments! Thanksgiving is near, and we all have things to be thankful for such as family, job security, health, friends, and the food we shall chomp up on Thursday!!!!!

Today’s topic is theme music. My question to you is, if you could have one song to play everyday when you wake up, ride in your car, and walk in buildings, what song would it be? My song would be………… (Wait for it)…………..Touch the Sky by Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco. Not only are they two of my favorite artist, but it is perfect. Waking up to the Horns, claps, bongo’s, drums, and letting me know I’m on top of the world! What a great feeling that is! Then when I walk in buildings the chorus comes on, “I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly!” There is no better introduction than that! “I’d do anything to say I got, damn them new loafers hurt my pocket!” Great verse, because there have been times when I know I didn’t have the money and I still bought myself some kicks…lol! That is definitely my choice for my theme song, and a song that I will never get tired of!

Leave a comment by letting me know what your song would be!

No Speak-Ey Eng-Lay

After a long day at work, it turned out to be a pretty good night. I had Cornbread, Collard greens, white rice, pork roast, and a Sunkist Orange Soda. A complete meal to knockout a champion like myself! I know you may have read my title and said, “What the heck is this black guy talking about?!?!?!” Creative title I know! When I write I see the world in a different way at times. My question is…How come as Americans, must we speak louder, pronunciate our words to the fullest, and slow our dialogue down when speaking to foreigners?

Talking like that makes it seem like they are little children. Of course if one of them asked for directions you wouldn’t to say, “First bust a lefty at the cornerizzle, then you gonna see a red stop sign right thurr…….Naw’Sayin….so you gon’ want to pump them brakes son!” LoL! Most of us would be confused we heard some directions like that. I saw a family with an exchange student the other day at Starbucks. All the family members were speaking in a normal tone to each other, and then as soon as they turned to ask the Asian exchange student a question, the volume turned up like 15 notches. Really is it that necessary to turn up the volume when asking her what drink she wanted?!?!? I know I’m notorious for it sometimes when I try to help the Spanish speaking customers pay a bill. “Do YOU WANT TO PAY BILL?” I don’t mean for it to come out that way but sometimes it just happens. Chris Tucker even does it in Rush Hour, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?” Jackie Chan even reversed the role on him by saying the same thing. It’s funny how the people of the world operate and it is even funnier when you notice the little things!

It was just something I noticed that I wanted to share with ya’ll!!!!!!

Backpacks on Wheels

Yes, I know that I missed a day on my Blog diet yesterday; I was informed by some random civilian from New York that left a message in my inbox. I didn’t know people read my blogs. I thought they were no good….lol! My hair hasn’t been cut in like 3 weeks now, so may not even notice me with the excessive facial hair and nappy roots! I was so undercover agent status today I noticed all the rolling backpacks while at school today.

So today I was at school, listening to my IPod, while studying in the science building. I seen about fifteen people walk through the building with these backpacks on wheels. One person didn’t even have a backpack. It was a plastic basket zip tied to metal poles with wheels. Have we all become so weak that books are now over whelm us? I know I’m not the only one but has anyone else ever wanted to run up on someone with a rolling backpack, and kick it like you were kicking a field goal? Backpacks on wheels make more noise and disturb more people than crying babies at grocery stores. The comparison is a little extreme I know, but you get where I am going with it I hope. It’s funny when you see two people with rolling backpacks talking to each other, because they have to yell over the sound of their backpacks.
I can’t wait for the day these backpacks become motorized and the people begin to ride them to class….lol!

Victor Valley College Fight

Is college supposed to be a place of learning or a battle ground? If you chose place of learning you are correct, but today it served as a battle ground. Now this fight consisted of loud yelling, 5 guys, 2 girls, 2 cops, pepper spray, the word nigga, and the word blood…….Can you guess the race. Well if you chose African American……ding!….ding!…..ding! You are 100% correct!

After my first class today I went to the library to study for a test for my following class. As I was walking outside to go to class, I turned to my right because I hear all this yelling and commotion, “Nigga, Nigga, what nigga…..Blood, Blood, what Blood….Bitch,” and so on. There were five black guys. 3 on one side, and 2 on the other side facing each other. Also included were 2 black girls that were off to the side. The fight started off 1 on 1, and then it turned into a 6 person brawl. A few people got hit pretty hard. Unfortunately one of the girls got caught with a clean punch by another guy. As the cops pulled up, one of the fighters ran behind the police car and said, “Fight is over!” Then you hear the other guys say, “Bitch ass nigga,” and they all continued to fight while the cops were there. The cops ended up pulling out the pepper spray and began spraying people.

FUNNY PART: One of the guys had dreadlocks and was sprayed directly in the face. After he got sprayed in the face it looked like he was getting hyphy and started shake’n dem dreads. Afterwards he sprinted away.

More people began to get sprayed so I left the area. None of the people got arrested which was kind of crazy. All the cops did was say stop, and sprayed pepper spray. Anyways……that was the best part of my day!

Barack the Vote!

Barack the Vote!

November 4th, 2008 is going to be an amazing day! A record number of register voters this year. This is going to be my first year voting, and I’m really excited to vote tomorrow. Propositions, Measures, Presidential election, and all the other cool stuff! I did my research and I’m ready to Barack the Vote!

This is a BIG election; Make sure your Voice Is HEARD!!!!
OBAMA 2008!!!!!!!

Mr. Bess has banned himself from High Desert Bars and Clubs and shall be on a Drinking Strike till December 12, 2008


We have just recently left the press conference, where Mr. Bess has informed the public on his ground breaking decision. This is what Mr. Bess had to say to the press.

Mr. Bess:
I have stepped backed and took a look at my life. In order for me to excel, some changes are definitely going to have to take place. So I have decided to ban myself from all High Desert clubs and bars. People may say, “Mr. Bess why would you do something like this?” I’m not here to put people down or anything because I know there are people that feel the same way and want to make push toward particular goals as well. Honestly the way I feel when I go out at times, I feel as if I am at one big high school reunion with all the high schools and the people that decided to do nothing with their lives. Their cover up is acting like they are the shit. I can go to these places on weekly bases and see the same people, in the same spot, doing the same thing every time. I feel as if I’m being sucked into that environment when I’m near it. In an environment like that I feel like my life has progressed 0%. Kind of a harsh way to put it but that is the only way I could say it. On the lighter side of things, I personally would like to take a vacation from drinking. Some feel as if it is an essential to life, and I feel as if there is nothing wrong with a little break. I would like a little bit of time to increase the definition on this warrior like body of mine. December 12, 2008 is when I’ll be going to Las Vegas until December 15, 2008. No need to shed a tear or anything of that nature. People will still be able to see me out and about. You’ll be able to catch a movie with me, have dinner, amusement parks, kickback, concerts, sporting events, and you could even call me if you are to drunk to drive home. I have the potential to do so much more with my life and I would like to tap into that potential and see what happens. Questions….Feel free to text me, call me, e-mail me, AIM.
I’ll still be posted NEW Blogs so feel free to check out

Vacationing Is My Career

So I just got back from a week vacation. No work, No school, No stress, relaxation, and my mind at ease. Now I’m back to interrogating my brain with my Sunkist Orange soda, and snickers in hand so I can deliver these blogs to you! I owe the World some new material, so that is what I am here to provide. Good service like an Asian massage parlor! That line has nothing to do with this blog………..Welcome back to my World of Random Thoughts.

So when you have a 7 hour drive, time to relax, think, and just look out of a car window, so much comes to your mind. So I was thinking if I could make vacationing my career and get paid for relaxing, that would be great. Amazing, wouldn’t you say? All expenses paid, and all you would have to pay for is your meal. The only work you would be required to do, would be to write reviews on hotels and vacation destinations. If anyone knows where I can apply, please let me know. I’ll even put in extra work by taking pictures….LoL! Vacationing would be a great career, until you want to settle down and have a family. Next best career to vacationing would be……..Stay at home Father! If the wife gave me the offer not to work and just take care of the home, kids, and her…….it’s done! I have no shame……HAHA! That will be the topic for another blog.

*REAL TALK>>>>I WOULDN’T FeeL Right not Working and bringing in some kind of INCOMe!*


The only reason I like Halloween, is because it is the one day of the year that women get to dress like sluts (excuses my language) and wear their bedroom outfits/role play costumes. The Eye candy will most definitely be in full effect!My blog is concluded. That's all I wanted to say……LoL! Disappointing….and this is I know….LoL! I feel I have some gut busters on the way! Everyone be safe!!!


So one day I was playing super Mario 3 and a random thought came to my mind from the clouds up high. Mario and Luigi are drug addicts, favorite drug being shrooms. Yea, their day job is fixing pipes as plumbers, but when the work day ends they start shroom'n. We all have added to their high by collecting the 1ups and Bigmans, keeping them in their world of imaginary creatures in a cartoon worlds. We Should ALL be Ashamed….LoL!!!!

Swagger has Stole Hip Hop

My Ears have been open, a warrant was issued, and I think I have finally cracked the case on who has stolen Hip Hop. A little fellow by the name of swagger has been convicted of this horrible crime. Swagger is the presentation of one’s self. Swagger took over hip hop when he broke into every recording studio, and hopped on every track. Now everyone cares about swagger, and very few people care about substance. There are a handful of great mainstream emcees and two pockets full of great underground emcees. I can admit….Mainstream hip hop makes a party crack, but don’t you get tired of the same concepts with a different beat. I know that I do! Every now and then I’ll hear a dope song that catches my attention if I listen to the radio. I’m just saying swagger needs to be locked up for a while now, and released later on down the road, and come back with a BANG like the Vocoder…….LOL!!!!!!!!

LIFE is like a Ferris Wheel

Welcome to another day in my laboratory. I’m still on this blog a day diet, and I feel great. If you haven’t found out yet, I was born with two right brains. The right side of the brain is the realm of creativity. Some new to look for this week is my new poetry page I’ll be putting up. Also I can wait to start my video vlog series as well. I’m going to Pinky and The Brain the internet and take over the world! I like taking concepts that are simple and plain and making them fly for you. Today we will talk about how life is like a Ferris wheel.

So earlier today I was talking to life when I had a break from class. Life is a crazy character and a worthy opponent. Life made me think about a lot of things. To me life is Ferris wheel, and I’ve been stuck on this ride for way to long. Round, and round it goes, and I’ve most definitely had my highs and lows. I don’t know who else has been on this Ferris wheel, but this ride sucks. Round and round, my Wednesdays through Saturday s are the same. I love the people I hang out with; I just get tired of seeing the lames do the same thing. I’ve been a visitor of their club houses so much now; they have asked me to join. I had to decline their offer, because I found out what I wanted to do with my life. I’m finally getting off this Ferris wheel though. I’m working on buying a space shuttle now, because you shall see me amongst the stars, and I want all ya’ll to be apart of my constellation.

I hope you got this concept today! It was pretty simple I feel!

Good is the Enemy to GREAT!!!

The battle between the positives has baffled my mind for many moons. Many people get caught in the web of Good and just give up. Why not be the one to break free and go on to do great things. Who would buy Frosted Flakes is Tony the Tiger told you, "They're GOOOD!" We all have good intensions, but we hold ourselves to greater expectations. When you become Great you become






Good will always try to find a way to keep you in your comfort zone but like captain planets planeteers, you combine Grand, Renowned, Excellent, Admirable, and Transcendent, you become Great and Save the day!

The Drug Known As: Drnk Txting

Yes, I have been a victim and supplier of the drug known as drunk texting. A world wide phenomenon that has swept the nation and now is taking over the world. The drug becomes full blown when you begin to make drunk phone calls. There have been incidences, where people have overdosed, skipped the texting stage, never make a phone call, and just show up at the persons dwelling place. What triggers the mind to call someone at 3:00 a.m. to have a random conversation you probably may not remember? Rather you become a modern day Shakespeare within your text, sound as dumb as Homer Simpson while making a phone call, or even become a phone sex operator because you were so horny; it just seems crazy how alcohol and a cell phone can takeover and make you do the unexpected.

Personally when I have a drink, the alcohol makes my fingers magnetized, and the phone becomes attached to my fingers, and will not leave till I fall asleep. I don't know if that happens to anyone else, but that is what happens to me. A lot of people say the truth comes out when you become drunk, but I feel the stupidity comes out of us. I know most of the time I don't even know what I'm talking about, like a 4 year old trying to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity. So….after that horrible simile I feel I should stop now!

Caution: Drunk Texting/Calling is just as addicting as cocaine! Take at your own Risk.
Cure: Don't Drink to become Drunken, Drink Responsibly

(I'm Working on it!)

Words don’t kill, It’s the person behind the words that does the Killing

So recently I just started my Blog a day diet. It helps keep my weight up, my mind sane, and helps me smile through the stresses of reality.

Today’s Topic is: Words Don’t Kill, It’s The Person Behind The Words That Does The Killing.

Today I would like to be Called Philosopher Bess!

A word is a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds of their written representation that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.

I have unlocked my talent with words, but I’m still experimenting, hoping one day I’ll be able to master them. Being that I am in my experimenting stage….I have created a few Frankenstein’s. Having a way with words is great, but when negative outcomes occur, best believe these Frankenstein’s have hearts. At times it has been hard to keep one’s word. Lately I’ve been using these words as bullets and shooting people down. I’ve never been shot with a bullet, but recovery can take a while if the shot caused major damage. Be as good as one’s word, is somewhat a challenge, but I know I am better then my own words. Lately I haven’t been able to weigh my own words meaning I haven’t been choosing my words carefully. Words by themselves are powerful, but the person delivering the power behind the word is far more powerful. In my Laboratory which I call my mind, I’m working on formulas to where my words only cause good vibrations and the effect is positive. Once the serum is complete, not only will it enhance who I am, it will affect around me in a positive way, create new beginnings, and add to the great things to come. These Frankenstein’s have portrayed me as a monster at, but deep down I do have a heart. I thought being the shooter would be fun until I became trigger happy.

Being the Token Black Guy = Black girl with the Super Weave Grabbing You!

I can truly say that I have a diverse group of friends, and sometimes when we all go out, I end up being the token black guy of the group. It doesn't bother me at all, and I don't mind. I enjoy going out to the bars/lounges/clubs and having a good time. Sometimes I like to have a couple of drinks and just kick back. How come being the token black guy of the group results with the random black girl with the super weave grabbing me?!?!?!? Are there arrows pointing at me, signs around me, or what? Is it rude that I deny them? Shoot them down as if they were my target practice. Maybe I should be thankful that someone with a super weave wants to dance with me. Maybe it is my obligation as the token black guy at times. If I wore baggy clothes would the outcome be different? It could be time for the Mr. Bess experiment!

Drunk White Guy + The Next Episode (Dr. Dre song) = Caucasian Crip Walk

Jump to the left, jump to the right, shuffle, shuffle, heel toe, twist, throw your hands in the air, dust off your shoes, throw up a west side, and top it off with a Ric Flair, "WOOOOOOO!" This is an equation that never seems to fail. Next time you are at a party or club and The Next Episode comes on, step back and get ready to play I Spy, shake your head in disappointment, then go back to what you were doing!

****Sorry the Blog was super short tonight, but these collard greens, rice, and pork chops hit the spot. I'll definitely make it up next time for all my readers!***

TAP OUT (please go 6 feet UNder!)

I know I'm no fashion critic or anything. I can barely figure out my outfits some days. Last time I put down the dress that every girl wears. Mix reviews from that blog, but who cares because it is a new day, and a new topic. This time I would just like to pick on a specific group of people. This is for the UFC fighters, MMA fighters, Pride fighters, Inspiring fighters, and people that just like to fight in cages. We know you can fight and all that cool stuff, matter fact you would probably make me tap out, but must you wear a TAP OUT shirt everywhere you go. We know you are a WARRIOR, who can cause AFFLICTION, because you are part of FAMILIA GLADIATORIA, which means you are a SINISTER, COMBAT KILLER with VENUM who shows NO FEAR! Amazing how I took all these cage fighting clothing brands and created an amazing sentence out them. Please hold all your applause till the last period….thank you! Anyway can you please lay all this stuff to rest like FUBU!

The funny thing is when they don't wear these shirts; you'll see some of them in button up dress shirts with 5 buttons undone, and no under shirt. WTF……HAHAHA! Lastly when you are about to fight someone outside of a building, what is the point of taking off your shirt? It is either you going to get beat up or you are going to do the beating up. Does it make a difference rather your shirt is on off? I know if you get tackled on the asphalt, shirtless your back is going to look similar to my ancestors with the addition of road rash.





I love fat people; I just dislike the lazy ones. Whoever labeled obesity as a disease/handicap, is a freak'n idiot! Now the lazy people get handicap signs, so they can park close to their destination. God forbid them if they had to park far. They might be out of breath, or even break a sweat! There are many more handicap/elderly people who deserve the closer parking.


It has always puzzled me to watch a lazy fat person walk from the parking lot to the grocery

store, get the motorized cart, fill it up with fatty foods, then ride the cart all the way back to their car! WTF! Didn't you walk in? Can't you walk out?

I know I may sound mean, but everyone has an opinion. I'm not talking it is just my pen writing…..LoL! Just to show some sympathy, and add some comic relief……….I know your knees and feet hurt are killing you walk, but it takes time, dedication, and patience. I'm part of the 145Lbs & under club. I'm trying to gain weight so I can look buff in a medium shirt ya dig!

Why Am I Single?!?!?

I sure do get asked that question a lot. I don't mind it at all, I just get tired of saying,
"I don't know?"

I hear such comments like,
"You're such a great guy,"
"You're so cute,"
"Whatever girl ends up with you shall be lucky," etc.

I don't know the answer to be honest. Maybe I'm too nice, or maybe I'm just really ugly……who knows?!?! Then I got a crazy thought like===================================================> Maybe I am destined to save the world! Crazy thought, I know, but just go along with the concept. Every great super hero had a love interest, but never settled down. What if I did happen to settle down, and that it just so happened I had to risk my life to save the world and never came back. My lady would be devastated. I never wanted to cause pain. I just wanted to always see her happy. So I guess that concludes my blog, and my random thought of a concept!

Yes I’m a Gentleman, But No I’m not Ready For Settle’n!

So there was a question asked the other day.

"DJ, you are such a nice guy, smiles all the time, a come you don't have a girlfriend?"

"Great question," I replied.

"I know i'm no prince charming, but no girl has really blew my mind."

Simple reply I guess you could say. Then she says, "There has to be more reasons why."

In my mind I'm like, "Does this girl have anything else to do, rather than ask me 21 questions!"
Being the nice guy that I am, I went ahead and replied.

"I do enjoy going out with girls. They are the most beautiful people on the planet. There are so many to chose from! I like taking the girls to the movies, dinners, amusement parks, and what not, but overtime the girl I may be interested in at the moment gets boring, and I move .. the relationship title takes affect. I feel I put myself in situations by taking a girl somewhere, where there is going to be a lot of other girls there. Then I get thoughts like....if i wasn't with this girl, what would be my chances with!"

"Interesting," she says.

Then she adds, "So you are a man ho?"

"No, No, No," I say.

"Yes I'm a gentleman, But no I'm not ready for settle'n!"

"I know karma will come around. Matter fact I think it's coming around for the 2nd time. The right girl will come around as well!"

Damn Girl, your breath makes my Nose Cry!

I’m in a feel good mood tonight, which means you shall in up in the state of cachinnation (dumb it down terms: Laughter). I get fuel and I just keep on going! So fella’s, have you ever talked to a girl whose breath is so bad, your eyes begin to water, nose begins to leak, and your nose hairs curl up? What really makes it worse is if you accidently inhale as her first word comes out to where you can taste the fierceness of the breath. Some girls got fire breath like Dhalsim from Street Fighter……”Yoga Fire!” HAHAHAHAHAHA! It really sucks when you have checking out a pretty girl, and when the opportunity arrives to talk to her, the bum like breath catches with an uppercut. Stuff like that ruins the night, but opens the gate for an appetizing Blog!

Bon Appetite!!!

Hope you Enjoyed!

Girls who wear Sandals and how come they get Asphalt Feet?

I hate sometimes that I am so observant, and these random thoughts come to my mind. I know you all see these same things, but the only difference is that I write about it. My topic today is about girls who wear sandals, and how come they get asphalt feet.

This is something that fascinates me and makes my stomach turn at the same time. Why is it that the majority of females who wear sandals out in public have heels that look like ashy chapped lips, and the bottoms of there feet are the color of asphalt? Sometimes I think some girls wear sandals with the bottoms cut out, because their feet are in such bad condition. Wouldn't make sense to get your feet done or something? One of the things that make my stomach vomit is when they take off the sandals and their foot prints are left on the sandals. An outline of the foot print would be understandable, but when your foot print looks like someone took a piece of charcoal and colored your outline in……NASTY! I wonder what the Vietnamese people say about your when the water turns black after they are done cleaning your feet….LoL! Have ya'll seen the infomercial with the detoxifying pads you put on the bottom of your feet? Well that's what most of these ladies sandals are looking like these days. Reason why I can talk is because I don't own a pair of sandals. My laptop is about to die and the charger is too far, so it looks like my BLOG is about to end now.

One more thing…..BUY sandals that fit your feet! The girls who have toes like the claw from the movie Toy Story that hangover the sandals, and they like to pick up loose change from the ground………WTF!!!!


I should have expressed my thoughts on this topic long ago, after my Vegas experience. Ladies.....If I have ever told you, that you looked good one night, and you were wearing this particular dress, I most likely looked you in the eye, and lied to you with a big smile! Reason being 80 other girls surrounding you had on the same dress just different color. I don't know what the dress is called but, it is loose at the top, and tight at the bottom. Everyone notices it though. Every bar/club/lounge I go to it's guaranteed that I will see 20 girls with this same dress on, just a different color, and sometimes even the same color. Rather your dress has no straps, one strap, or 2 straps, it got to go! I even seen a chick in a zebra print one (the club is not a safari!). Every girl who has this article of clothing should consider burning it, donating it, cutting it, trash it, use it to wash your car with, but please don't wear it out any more!!!!