Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emotional Girls + Social Networking Sites (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook) = SMH!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back! Instead of posting Mixtapes, Videos, or pictures, I felt the need to talk my shit again! It is blog number 100 and It has been a while since I posted my random thoughts and truly do miss posting them!

In this day and age social networking sites have changed the way we communicate with each other. It is funny to me because myspace, facebook, and twitter are used by a multitude of people just to keep in contact with the same 20-30 friends that they speak to on a daily basis. The majority of us, who have cell phones, use our phones to comment on people’s pages, when we could just call that person. I won’t lie to you; I do it all the time. Its cool reading people’s status updates and twitter updates. You get a good laugh every now and then, but don’t you hate it when people abuse status update rights by posting their emotional issues and relationships problems for everyone to see! I see more females do than males all the time.

Emotional girls have abused their rights to status updates & twitter @replies. These girls are online looking for cyberspace therapy.

For Example:


Crzy_SxY @whoevercares I never had a feeling like this for anyone…I think he is the one!
20 seconds ago

Crzy_SxY @whoevercares Why do I always end up with guys who use me! Why does this always happen to me! I’m done with guys!!!!
18 hours ago


JANE DOE I told myself I would never fall for him again. I told myself to stay strong but he captured my heart. When I thought everything was perfect he crushed my heart again. I cry every night searching for sympathy and peace of mind. For Christmas please send me Mr. Right!

These girls post their problems online make them more vulnerable for the next guy to come in and do the same thing, which leads to another pathetic status update! These are the girls we want to be with, but not seriously…lol! That’s why I shake my head at these girls! Alright I can’t lie I’ve done this before within a blog post a long time ago when I was all in for this girl, but I will leave that for you to find if it is still around! I’m officially done talking my shit again! Until next time……Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Should older brother JoJo be looking up to little brother Diggy? I can't lie......For Diggy's age, This mixtape is actually pretty good, and Diggy shows he has skills. I wouldn't call this the mixtape of the Year, but it is definitely a pleasant surprise. Soulja Boy and The New Boyz music fan base could possibly be saying peace!

Download Link Below

DOWNLOAD: Diggy Simmons – The First Flight (Mixtape) (.zip)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Danny! - Where is Danny? [FREE ALBUM]

I've always been Fan Danny and I have always bought his albums from itunes. When I heard he released a FREE ALBUM online, I was like, "WOOOORRRDD!" 25 tracks featuring artist Von Pea, Che Grand, Danny Brown, and many more. In the coming weeks they will be releasing the album on itunes with bonus tracks and additional perks as usual. Below is the Album cover, track listing, and download link. ENJOY!

1. Man, Motherfuck An Intro

2. Manic At The Disco

3. Where Is Danny?

4. Tattered Fedora Flow

5. Hoedown Showdown f. Von Pea

6. I Ain’t The Walrus

7. Turn Me Up

8. Many Reasons

9. Still Got Love

10. Sloppy Joe, Pt. 1

11. Commercial Break (Interlude)

12. Fa Fa Fa

13. This Is Your Life (In West Watch-A-Ka-Tella) (Instrumental)

14. Off The Hook f. Che Grand

15. George Wendt

16. Nah, I Don’t Like This Beat Yo

17. Theme Music To A Killing Spree f. Danny Brown

18. Lost One

19. Scrambled Eggs

20. Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2

21. Seven Seconds Of Static (Interlude)

22. Mama I Want To Fucking Sing

23. Wake The Fuck Up Man (You’re Trippin’ Man)

24. Crank Dat (Hey DJ) f. Ladi Jade

25. Get Down

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chip Tha Ripper - Fat Raps (Ft. Curren$y & Big Sean)

Here is a hot track from the The Cleveland Show featuring Big Sean, Curren$y, and it’s produced by Chuck Inglish. The Cleveland Show is coming December 1st!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here is Lupe's latest mixtape. This is the split version with correct track names. Look out for the 2nd half of the mixtape dropping on Dec 25th. Download link and tracklisting below.

01 Intro

02 The National Anthem (Radiohead)

03 All The Way Turnt Up (Travis Porter)

04 Fireman (Lil Wayne)

05 L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto Interlude

06 Angels (Remix) (Dirty Money)

07 So Ghetto (Jay-Z)

08 Say Something (Timbaland)

09 Thank You (Jay-Z)

10 The One (Slaughterhouse)

11 Popular Demand (Clipse)

12 HP Skit

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tha Boogie: I Am Peter Parker Music Video

I HOPE EVERYONE REMEMBERS THA BOOGIE FROM A PAST WakeUpMrBess INTERVIEW (http://wakeupmrbess.blogspot.com/2009/05/tha-boogie.html)! CHECKOUT THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO "I Am Peter Parker" and Then Go to ITUNES and PURCHASE THE ALBUM LOVE THA BOOGIE (STEAL THIS SH*T)!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Alicia Keys is an AMAZING Artist, and I applaud the Camera Man for Capturing Her AMAZING BODY!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cook Thomas

Going through my random Artist search online, I came across another artist from the North. Representing the T-Dot (Toronto, Canada), Cook Thomas is definitely an artist you want to watch out for. Currently working on his upcoming mixtape Forever & Ever, Cook Thomas is releasing music every week that is just straight Fiyaaahhhh!!!!! With tracks like “No Parachute,” “It’s Time,” “Gimmick,” “Big Amounts,” & “96 Chicago Bulls,” people are finally finding out what the entire buzz is about. Checkout the interview, then go checkout Cook Thomas at http://www.youtube.com/user/CTHOMASTV & www.myspace.com/cookthomasmusic

Mr. Bess: Who is Cook Thomas?

Cook Thomas: Cook Thomas is a rap artist who makes the food the people need. Rap music in my opinion has been boring in the past 5 years, so I’m just bringing some good classic honest music to the table.

Mr. Bess: When did you start rapping?
Cook Thomas: I started rapping when I was 16.

Mr. Bess: Did you have a good life or a bad life growing up? How has that influenced your music?
Cook Thomas: I can’t really complain about my life growing up. Even though I only had my mom around and the conditions of living weren’t the best, she worked hard so we didn’t suffer. I always had food and a roof over my head so I can’t complain.

Mr. Bess: Who are some of musical influences?

Cook Thomas: some of my musical influences are Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Lenny Kravitz, and Jay-Z

Mr. Bess: What set’s you apart from other rappers trying to make name in the game?

Cook Thomas: What sets me apart from 85 % of these guys is that I’m actually trying to talk about honest things in everyday life. When I write, I try and bring a message, a concept and something refreshing. Every time I hear a new song its “swag this swag that”, “I Got Money”, “I wear Louis, Gucci”, “I Got Hoes”. Don’t get me wrong I love all those things and have fun with them myself, but when all your songs are about the same shit, it gets boring for all of us, and that’s what seems to be the problem to me right now. Shit is real generic.

Mr. Bess: Is there an album or mixtape in the works?

Cook Thomas: I have a mixtape in the works currently titled Forever & Ever.

Mr. Bess: When is the release date for the mixtape and what can we expect from it?

Cook Thomas: I’m looking to drop around Christmas time, but I record on a daily basis and leak songs on a weekly basis, so you can check YouTube at CTHOMASTV and www.Myspace.com/cookthomasmusic for my music.

Mr. Bess: So you sing and rap?

Cook Thomas: I’m more of a shower singer LOL! I usually have problems with singers taking too long to record a hook, so I just do it myself. I’m not trying to be a singer or trying to get better in that field, sometimes it just helps portray the story of the track better or the beat might have a certain feel to where I’ll sing something on it. For example I sing on a song I have called ’96 Chicago bulls. I’m singing low because I can’t hit high notes. I am NO singer.

Mr. Bess: The west coast has been dominate, the east coast has been dominate, and the south. What will it take for the north to have that same kind of dominance?

Cook Thomas: In order for the north to dominate, we’ll need to come together and support each other. Here its like producers want to charge an arm and a leg for a beat to an up and coming young rapper, then you have a circle of people who make a little noise in the city, but they don’t want to help anyone else, because they feel bigger than they really are. Also I feel we don’t have enough talented people at the front reppin’ us. The north has a lot of talented people and it’s just the politics are bullshit so the world gets to see bullshit artists…so we look corny. If we can change those things, we can definitely take over.

Mr. Bess: What is the Canadian hip hop scene like?

Cook Thomas: The Canadian hip hop scene is very underground. Like I said before, there’s a lot of talent here, we’re just working for our dominance.

Mr. Bess: Out of the Dominate mainstream artist who have made it out of Canada such as Drake, K-OS, Kardinal Offishall, and Swollen Members. Who do you see yourself working with?

Cook Thomas: I would say K-OS because he has a sound that is so unique. He switches from hip hop to rock to pop, so I feel like that would be an interesting collaboration.

Mr. Bess: Everyone gets asked this question, but name 5 albums everyone should own?

Cook Thomas: Jay-Z – The Blueprint / Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 2 / Nas – Illmatic / Michael Jackson – Thriller / Notorious B.I.G – Ready To Die

Mr. Bess: What is your music making process?

Cook Thomas: I usually just listen to some beats, then write based off the feeling and vibe I get from the beat. Anything I write about is usually real rap, so the process is usually real easy.

Mr. Bess: What can we expect from Cook Thomas in the future?
Cook Thomas: You can expect tons more music and some music videos in the near future.

Mr. Bess: What is the message you have for the world in your music?

Cook Thomas: My message is basically my life story. I’m just being true to myself and the world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gio BasiCali- "Nobody Cares" Music Video

BASICALI - Nobody Cares from Reza & Co on Vimeo.

"This Video was shot in the Apple Store to reveal the songs relevance to our pop culture. We live in a world of fast media that gives little thought to how it’s message will effect the world. We conceived, recorded and edited the video all in less than 24 hours due to our lack of time and money. This video represents all that BASICALI is about, making way out of nothing by using creative thought."

- Gio Basicali


Monday, October 5, 2009


Such Hip Hop acts like, Drake, Kardinal Offishall, K-OS, & Swollen Members, have all emerged to become breakthrough from Canada. The next group to surface from the North is Canadian Hip Hop group The Lytics. The first single “Big City Sound Girl” created a huge buzz on the internet on major Hip Hop sites such as HipHopdx.com, and received high ratings, all across the boards. It was the first track I heard from the group and I had to know who they were. With the door cracked open, The Lytics have busted through, and made a lot of noise with their self-titled debut album. Hailing from Manitoba, Canada the trio of emcee’s (A-Nice, Ashy, Munga), just want to have fun, work hard, and put out good music. With tracks such as Big City Sound Girl, Stay Humble, Try Hard, I’m Here, The Lytics Album is a must buy. Go to ITunes or http://www.thelytics.com/ today and purchase your copy!

Mr. Bess: Who are the Lytics?

The Lytics: The Lytics consist of three emcee's A-nice, Ashy and Munga. A producer, B-flat, and a DJ Action Rick

Mr. Bess: How did The Lytics come together?

The Lytics: Well A-nice, Ashy and B-flat are brothers, but A-nice met Munga in '03 and decided we could make a little music. Ashy joined the group soon after, and B-flat was producing around the city anyways so it only made sense he'd let us use his beats. Action Rick joined the group in the winter of '08 and has been backing the group on the tables during performances. Now it is what it is.
Mr. Bess: How did Ashy get his name? Did you not use lotion as a child? (I'm not taking a shot at you!)

The Lytics: Damn Skippy, boy was crusty, and you know how nicknames go, it's usually the ones you don't like that stick…Hahahaha!

Mr. Bess: Mainstream stars such as Drake, Kardinal Offishall, K-OS, Swollen Members, have all emerged to become breakthrough artist from Canada. Where do the Lytics fit in?

The Lytics: Hopefully right alongside, with the right work ethic, and the right ears hearing us anything is possible.

Mr. Bess: What is the Canadian Hip Hop scene like?

The Lytics: Well you named some of them already, but I would say it's emerging. I believe we're about to make some noise soon, and if it is Gods will we'll be part of it.

Mr. Bess: Who are some of your musical influences?

The Lytics: They come from all over the place, from Tribe to Souls of Mischief, Slick Rick, Nas, Etc.

Mr. Bess: Who do you hope to work with in the future?

The Lytics: Umm, there are a lot, and our doors will always be open.

Mr. Bess: What is the message you want people to know through your music?

The Lytics: That the industry is changing, and people will have to start putting out good music to stay up.

Mr. Bess: What is the inspiration behind your debut album?

The Lytics: Just trying to put out good music, love, hard work, and fun. You know, just the kind of things that will get you through every day, and make tomorrow worth living.

Mr. Bess: What is the music making process like?

The Lytics: Well B-flat comes up with the beats and then emcee's and producer find a suitable hook. From there we get the verses straight (who's writing what etc.) and then we hit the booth and put it down. Mixings all done in house then we hit up our mastering guy Jay Malloy, and call it a track.

Mr. Bess: Name 5 albums everyone should own?

The Lytics: 1.) Illmatic - Nas, 2.) The Tipping Point- The Roots, 3.) Medians Relief- Median, 4.) Wolfgang Amadeus- Phoenix, 5.) Below the Heavens- Blu & Exile.

Mr. Bess: I couldn’t agree more with you on the album choices

Mr. Bess: What is Life like outside the Studio?

The Lytics: School, Work, Girls, I don’t know, that sort of thing….hahaha!

Mr. Bess: What does it take to be successful in the music industry?

The Lytics: Hard work, good music, and a little faith.

Mr. Bess: What do you think about President Obama calling Kanye West a, "Jackass?"

The Lytics: I don't know him personally so I wouldn't call him a jackass, but it definitely wasn't cool what he did.

Mr. Bess: At the end of your album you guys play around with Auto Tune. What is your dislike toward auto tune?

The Lytics: None what so ever. We found a plug in for it so we just started playing with it. We thought it was funny so we just tossed it on the record.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Life Pt. 3 (Myspace Started It All)

The Time is 4:32 PM and it is currently 97 degrees in my Part Arizona on September 18, 2009. I’m sitting in basketball shorts and wearing my Summer League Basketball T-Shirt from 1999, while cooking Steak, Rigatoni, & Portobello Mushrooms. My mind began to become pregnant and I decided to compose a small letter to Life today. Here is a small excerpt from the letter. In the next couple of days you’ll see each passage of this 3 part letter regarding my internet addiction....ENJOY!

September 18, 2009

Dear Life,

Well you may ask, what Led to the Twitter and Facebook addiction. Well it all started when Tom introduced me to Myspace. Myspace blew my mind and I was hooked! It instantly became a part of my daily routine, and took up so many hours of my day. I couldn’t wait to get home from school just so I could get on Myspace. I began taking multiple pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror, and I had to keep a camera on me 24/7 so I could upload new pictures on Myspace. No One had my friends than, because within a 24 hour period, I would at least have a minimum of 567 friend request. Not to brag, but I was up there with Tom the creator. I would try to Holla at every girl on there no matter where they resided.

You always had to keep your page fresh with dope graphics, a hot song, and a fly saying. The drama, humor, and time wasted started it all for me! With all the advancements it has be so hard to stop. Please Help Me!!!

Gym Class Heroes - New Friend Request

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Life Pt. 2 (Facebook Confessions)

The Time is 4:32 PM and it is currently 97 degrees in my Part Arizona on September 18, 2009. I’m sitting in basketball shorts and wearing my Summer League Basketball T-Shirt from 1999, while cooking Steak, Rigatoni, & Portobello Mushrooms. My mind began to become pregnant and I decided to compose a small letter to Life today. Here is a small excerpt from the letter. In the next couple of days you’ll see each passage of this 3 part letter regarding my internet addiction....ENJOY!

September 18, 2009
Dear Life,
As if you thought my twitter addiction was bad it gets worse from there. It has gotten so bad that I have connected my twitter account to my Facebook account. Not only do I want everyone to know my business of twitter, but I feel my Facebook friends should know has well. Facebook is so amazing, because you can poke all the girls you want and they don’t even mind. You have your choice from 1 or 10, but you can poke them all. I love the fact that I know everything my friends are doing, from comments they leave on friends pages, picture uploads, profile changes, and status updates. I know it’s wrong, but I just seen one of the girls I’ve been waiting to talk to for a long time, just switched status to “single” 5 hours ago. I love taking pictures and then tagging people in the pictures when I catch at there worst, but they end up un-tagging themselves eventually. I’m really addicted to the “Like” button. When click on that button you receive a notification every time someone leaves a comment on the picture or status update.
The real reason why I can’t reduce my time on Facebook is because all of the application request I have accepted and must constantly keep track of. I have people constantly trying to jack me for my goods in my Mafia Wars App. I have to keep track of all my animals in Farmville, and I’m always trying to level up my hero abilities. I wish I could take a break, but I’m always getting challenged in scrabble, tetris, beer pong, and poker. I can never say no to all the cause invitations every 4 hours, because I want to be a supporter of all the great causes taking place during my time. Everyday I do a quiz to see how well I know my friends, then to see what Disney Song best fits me, and then I end the night by seeing which female friend will be my secret crush.
Every time I receive a new friend request it is only right that suggest my new friend to all my other friends. I add some really great people and I feel that all my friends should have the opportunity to meet these great people I met online. I know I can call and text my friends but I rather use Facebook chat because it makes a cool popping noise every time you receive a message.

Every time I try to sign off Facebook, one of my friends says something funny and I just have to comment. I will lose sleep at night because I will never back down from a game challenge. I can never pass on the days where 87 people are on the Facebook chat, because it is a Party for my fingers! How do I tell Facebook no?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Life pt.1 (Twitter Addiction)

The Time is 4:32 PM and it is currently 97 degrees in my Part Arizona on September 18, 2009. I’m sitting in basketball shorts and wearing my Summer League Basketball T-Shirt from 1999, while cooking Steak, Rigatoni, & Portobello Mushrooms. My mind began to become pregnant and I decided to compose a small letter to Life today. Here is a small excerpt from the letter. In the next couple of days you’ll see each passage of this 3 part letter regarding my internet addiction....ENJOY!

September 18, 2009

Dear Life,

It is Me, Myself, and My Mind writing to you today because I have a few questions for you regarding these addictions I have. Rather it is my phone or my laptop I am constantly on the Internet, and when I’m not on the internet, I can’t wait to get on the internet. It has become the new millenniums crack cocaine. I’ve been injected with some many tweets I’m constantly telling people my every movement, location, who I’m with, what I’m eating , etc.

WakeUpMrBess Right Foot, Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot…….I am now in the Kitchen

WakeUpMrBess I am currently in my car driving with left hand on the wheel while tweeting

WakeUpMrBess I have arrived at Jack in the Box. What Should I eat?

WakeUpMrBess I should have never ate the Tacos…..#2 in progress…Sorry toilet bowl

I get so excited when I get a new follower. I must always send them a personal message letting them know I appreciate them following me, and I must let them know about http://www.wakeupmrbess.blogspot.com/. I’m sending @replies at people I don’t even know and Re-Tweeting other peoples quotes on a regular basis. I can’t sleep well at Night If I don’t tell all my followers Good Night before I sleep, and Good Morning when I wake up. I lose sleep at night because I stay up thinking of statements that will get the most @Replies, LoL, & HAHAHA’s! It’s so addicting Mistah Fab made a song about twitter(Music video below).

I didn’t want to become addicted, but now I crave twitter everyday. How do I reduce my cravings? Must I go to rehab for twitter? Is there a patch of some sort I can wear?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gio Basicali "No Body Cares"

I Just Checked my E-Mail the other and seen that Gio Basicali Sent me a New Joint.....Ya'll need to Check it out! It's Hot a track, and I would suggest you Cop it!


[NEW] single out NOW! "Nobody Cares" off the new album "BASICALI All-Day" coming soon!
....."Bringing together an L.A. bounce with thought provoking lyrics and a feel good vibe, Basicali is one of the freshest voices in the L.A. music scene."

Check out my new single. If you dig it, pass it on! THANKS ahead of time. Keep Independent Hip-Hop ALIVE!!!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tila Tequila gets Choked, Unfinished Poetry, Cool W(h)iP Family Guy Style!

So I’m not big on Celebrity gossip but when I woke up this morning and heard that Tila Tequila was choked by San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman. I mean Tila Tequila is a small girl and Shawne Merriman is 6'4" 265lbs! Definitely an unfair fight! Merriman May have just ruined it for all the guys by choking her. A shot at love for the guys may be out the picture now. Well that was my 2 cents about some celebrity gossip.

Man Oh Man, I put in a super good workout today! Seriously I gets it in and the transformation is going great. I'm transforming for the good, so I guess you could consider me and autobot...naw'sayin!

I’ve been working on some stuff and it is still in the rough stages but here it is:

I’m living on the of Martians
Myspace con-artist
Facebook scholars and
Twitter Followers
Universe planet hoppers
Located within Galaxies of fallacies
And status is not based on impact but by how many stars you know
We plant apple seeds and pick Iphones from Trees
While gathering blackberry’s from bushes
Horses with Gucci Manes are ridden by Louis Vuitton Dons
But I can offered Sean Jean
But I smell Good
So I pronounce that I Am King of this Fantasy Land
Where purple haze skies and Kush Clouds
Leave my people dazed and confused
And radio frequencies hypnotize the masses to believe that hip hop is dead………..

So that was that and it needs a lot of work still but yeah. Well I would like to leave you all with one of my favorite Family Guy clips involving Cool W(h)ip!

Friday, September 4, 2009

As I sit Here.........

As I sit here watching Pootie Tang, while producing another Blog, I realize that Pootie Tang is one of the WORST movies ever made in movie History! So I’ve been working out everyday going through this transformation to get the body of the Black Greek God Zeus Tholoneus King (Please don’t try to Google or Bing)! Next time I come to California I’m going to be a little bit bigger than normal, so watch a Cali Peeps! Truly this weekend I need to call some friends and catch up, and see how things are going. I’m the worst at getting back to people when it comes to phone calls. I want to try to make work this weekend while I’m off so Pick up the phone if I call because it is a rare occasion.

So I was browsing the Internet I came across this photo of Keri Hilson on the cover of Complex magazine. Honestly how can you not like Keri Hilson! She is one of the sexiest women with short hair, and if you don’t think so, you probably like cock and balls (No homosexual offense intended).

I have been slaving since Sunday and it will definitely be a relief to have the weekend off! I’ve been pondering, noticing, and writing a lot during the week so I’ll have some brilliant topics for the weekend! I’ll add a hint of Arizona experiences in there for you all as well! Until then, I’ll leave you with a video from Fresh Daily! If you don’t know, now you KNOW Fresh Can Spit!!!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY DAY DREAMERS!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


We live in a world that has been polluted by chorus driven Hip Hop with no substance. Smog composed of ringtone rap, swagger, & trends, makes it hard to rely on real Hip Hop as a source of fresh air. It seems like every where you go; it is hard to get away from the Radio Bull Shit. I stopped attending clubs mainly because of the fights, and the atmosphere was always the same. People always say, “I just go to have fun with my friends,” which could be a true statement at times. #1 reason why I stopped going is because the DJ’s play Bull Shit!
I’m officially happy to say that I have found my breath of fresh on Saturday nights in Phoenix, Arizona, at a place called the Hidden House! If you are a fan of Rakim, The Chronic Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, M.O.P., J. Dilla, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Living Legends, Exile, Oh No, Slum Village, Atmosphere, KRS-one, Little Brother, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Old School Outkast, Chaka Khan, and the list can go on forever! As I was saying…..if you are a fan of Artist such as the few that I listed, The Shop on Saturday Nights at The Hidden House is the place the be.

The Shop was started by DJ Al Page. Being a DJ in Arizona, he was fed up with playing the music that everyone else wanted instead of staying true to his roots, so he created The Shop.

“My dislike towards mainstream comes from the fact that 99% of that shit is whack. Clear channel and MTV have a system that the average person buys. People are too lazy and settle for what is fed to them. There isn’t one artist on MTV or the radio worth a fuck as far as I’m concerned,” stated DJ Al Page.

The music and the positive vibes is what always keep people coming to The Shop. I also forgot the mention that the drinks are cheap to and you should always tip your bartender. The dance floor is always packed due to amazing the music and the incredible people on 1’s & 2’s. Rather be it DJ Al Page, DJ KGB, DJ Ms. Robs, DJ Osama Big Serg, DJ Dn3, DJ Kris the fist, or the sexy DJ Brazilia, playing best in Underground Hip Hop, Classic Hip Hop Funk, Soul, and Reggae, The Shop is always the place to be on Saturday nights in Phoenix, AZ.
Be Sure to Check Out the Hidden House At These Sites

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

giO BasiCali - I Choose You (Video)

Ya'll Remember West Coast Rapper Gio BasiCali From My Past Interview When His Free EP came out. Well the First Video Has Officially arrived, and it's dope! Gio BasiCali is HERE Ya'll.....CHECK IT OUT!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE EP DOWNLOAD IT NOW....IT's FREE & GOOD MUSIC FOR YOUR LISTENING SOUL!!!!!! Plan Setters & MOVE MAKERS!!!!

Basicali - I Choose You from Hip Hop Official on Vimeo.

The Basicali "I Choose You Ep" For FREE Download

I Choose You EP is a project put together by the artist "Basicali" in partner with "Acrylick Clothing" as a gift, a FREE DOWNLOAD for for anyone to enjoy. The Project is uplifting, feel good, positive, conscience music much like the brand of the two. Basicali suggests: "You could play in morning to start your day." The EP was put together in hopes of inspiring others to do the same with their gifts and talents in helping the world become a better place. ENJOY!!!

Be Sure to follow Gio Basicali at these websites




Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Was Bored Today

As I sit here bored out my mind watching MTV’s true and drinking an extremely nasty beer (Leinenpiugel’s Sunset Wheat Beer). The only thing I get out of this show is that there is love for everyone out there. I’m watching a broke fat guy with a beautiful model type looking chick. How did it happen…who knows? Can I hate…No! As I sit here and watch the TV I was thinking. Have you ever made it to point in your life where you get tired of working for someone else due to the fact it is not what you want to be doing in life? I’ve been at the point for a while now, that’s why I have made the move. I can’t wait to finish school and obtain a journalism degree but the same time I would It be amazing to own a night lounge and doing up the way I want it. Being your OWN BOSS would be the dream Job! Lot’s of stress and pressure but everything is done your way! I can’t wait for school to start so I can get back on track, and come back to California Successful! That is the plan in this small journey of mine while having a good time.

Two things I do not like right now are Black Guys in Skinny Jeans wearing UGG Boots and the Skin-It Commercial done in Auto-Tune!

I’m currently listening to the Kooley High Mixtape in my Car out the moment. My favorite track is Kooley is High. Check out the video Below!

Well I’m at a loss of words at the moment….So Arizona Peeps can catch here tonight! Cali Friends feel free to drive out and check it out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Mixtape Edition

Welcome to a Mixtape Sunday edition at WakeUpMrBess.Blogspot.com. I thought I would keep it simple today because I feel as if I have a 60 year old soul within me. I went out last night and came home at 3am. I would work at 7am, and it just so happened to be the roughest morning ever! Woke up with bug bites on my ribs and I was crazy tired! I don’t know if I can go be going out like that anymore.

So I downloaded 2 Mixtapes last week that have the potential to be albums. The first is by an artist by the name of QuEST. One of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year. Back by major Hip Hop websites Hiphopdx.com, illroots.com, & 2dopeboyz.com. Well the wait was definitely worth it! The Broken Headphones mixtape is must download and is Wake Up Mr. Bess Approved!
The next Mixtape I took a shot in the dark at because I didn’t even know who Fresh Daily was! What a breath of fresh air! I am proud to say I that I can’t stop listening to it. The Tomorrow is Today Mixtape is one most creative concept albums. It needs to be in stores for sale, but it is here free for your listening ears. Both Mixtapes have the Wake Up Mr. Bess Stamp of Approval So Download them NOW!!!!

DOWNLOAD: QuESt - Broken Headphones Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Fresh Daily - Tomorrow Is Today (Mixtape) zshare

Thursday, July 30, 2009

D.O.V.N. (Death of V-Neck)

My creativity was caught in sleeper hold, and is now no where to be found. Can someone help me find my ART? Random introduction for today’s blog but I’ve been struggling with my innovative side lately. I don’t know if it is just me or the 115 degree weather. I may need like 50cc’s of creative juice injected or something. Well this is my page of random thoughts so the introduction fits I guess…..Let’s get into today’s topic!

Well I’m definitely no fashion guru, but the death of V-Necks is near! You can thank all the extra buff people and super skinny people for this blog. Before I get completely into this topic I would like to say that I do own a couple of V-Neck T-shirts that are one solid color and I occasionally wear them around the house.

Raise your hand if you are tired of seeing buff ass people with no neck in your six year old brothers Ed Hardy medieval edition V-Neck. They knew the shirt was too small when they bought it. Is it me or do all the buff ass people wear V-necks with rhinestones, crosses, lions, and cursive logos. If you see one of these buff ass people in the club with a V-Neck, they usually think they are the shit. The funny part is, they are always the one to wear sandals to the club….hahahaha!

NEWS FLASH: Hey Buff Guy in the toddler size V-neck & Sandals! You are just as cool as skinny little me…….Now go find some shoes and a shirt that fits!

Skinny People, Lean People, Thin People………(Pause)………(Sigh)………..Why must you wear the extended V-neck shirts that extend down to the tip of your belly button? You know you doing wrong when you walk out of your home with that shirt on. I’m ashamed to be skinny when I see that. You have actually left me speechless and thoughtless, and I cannot write anymore!

I don’t know if I am by myself, but I would like to see the Death of V-Neck!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wake Up Mr. Bess Update

It has been a long while and I am finally back! I would like to do something a little different today. I gave mainstream radio Hip Hop a chance again. That was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in a while. The worst Hip Hop lyrics of the month, goes to Southern Rapper Dorrough and his verse on the Ice Cream Paint Job Remix. He states, “Mama black, daddy black, uncle black, granny black, catch me in a Cadillac.” Can someone please let him know he needs to step his game up or will it hurt the image?

So lately Mr. Bess has been M.I.A. Trying to find me is like trying to find the clothes pin in an ISPY book. We definitely have a lot of things to catch up on. I now live in one of the four corner states. It is also known to be the home of John McCain, The Grand Canyon, and the Cactus Wren (State Bird). Yes I am talking about hot ass Arizona. When you wake up in the morning it is 108 degrees, and when you go to sleep it is 108 degrees. Since I’ve been here, the hottest day was 115 degrees. That is crazy hot and unnecessary indeed! I went to my first club in Phoenix last night. The club was called Stoudemires in Downtown Phoenix. The place was decent and had a really nice set up, but they did not believe in Air Conditioning. You literally had a two song minimum and then you have to change clothes. Despite the triple digit heat in within the club, people still had the nerve to wear leather jackets and fur boots. It’s crazy how people look for love in clubs which I witnessed last night and it was the first time I saw parking pimp’n work. Niggas never fail to amaze me.

A big part of my agenda is to get these artist interviews up and rolling again. I’m really backed up with a lot of request, but I’m going knock them all out the way. Speaking of good hip hop music, everyone should check out the The Lytics (http://www.myspace.com/lytics). Coming all the way from Manitoba, Canada, The Lytics are helping Hip Hop Stay alive and I hope to feature them on my blog!

A new life, new adventures, new experiences, and a new chapter to add to my life story. A lot of great things to come, and I want to take everyone along for the journey!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Elevaters Interview (Answers provided by David Noily)

No homo intended but if The Roots and Maroon 5 produced a musical baby, they would give birth to a sensational group called The Elevaters. This diverse super group consists of six talented musicians with extraordinary gifts. Sam (Vocals/Keyboard), Miles (Vocals/Shakers), Ben (Vocals/Percussion), Itai (Bass/Guitar), Andre (Drums), David (Guitar/Bass). The Elevaters have shared the stage with groups such as The Roots, KRS-One, De La Soul, & Medusa just to name a few artists. They met as students at UCLA while studying different aspects of music. Andre joined the group after seeing them perform live at coffee shop before they had someone on the drums. Their performances have been known to be lively, ingenious, immense, and even divine. The Elevaters debut album “Rising” is a must have. It doesn’t matter if you like pop, jazz, blues, r&b, hip hop, funk, because the album has it all. Some of my favorite tracks on the album are, “Patience”, “Walken”, “L.A. Zoo”, & “Follow Me”. The album is currently on ITunes and available for purchase so you would be doing yourself a huge favor by picking up the album ASAP!

Mr. Bess: Who are the Elevaters?
The Elevaters: Six men, musicians, visionaries, groove-makers, urban planners.
Mr. Bess: How did the Elevaters come together?
The Elevaters: UCLA Theater students making poetry and music performances.
Mr. Bess: How did you guys come up with the group name, and what does is mean?
The Elevaters: In an Elevator. We changed the "O" to an "E" to imply that we have raised our game, and in turn our music lifts your mood, makes you think, move, and we hope it has an elevated intelligence above contemporary pop and hip-hop music.
Mr. Bess: Do you feel there is an advantage of having a diverse group?
The Elevaters: Diversity is a byproduct of living in a city as colorful as LA. We didn't plan it, nor do we think about it much. Our diversity, has helped us with our audience, we feel like we're looking in a mirror when we look out from the stage, you see Black, White, Persian, Hispanic, Asian, Haitian, Mongolian, Djiboutian, the whole spectra of race is in all our faces. The music brought that to us.
Mr. Bess: Where does the Funk, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Elevaters sound come from?
The Elevaters: Take a pinch of Chic, add a dash of Prince, churn in some Zeppelin, knead in some Earth, Wind, and Fire, And then smother it in Outkast, The Roots, and our own very special, top-secret ingredient. Let it rise overnight in the philosophies of John Lennon and Groucho Marx. Bake at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a one-hour live set and it shall serve millions.
Mr. Bess: Do you guys have a special process for making songs?
The Elevaters: I write everything (David Noily).
Mr. Bess: I’m not trying to cause any trouble, but who would win in a freestyle rap battle between Sam, Miles, and Ben?
The Elevaters: For fun, Sammy. For blood, Benny.
Mr. Bess: If you could go on tour with any 3 groups/artist right now, who would you choose?
The Elevaters: Lady Gaga for the exposure
The Roots for the challenge
Daft Punk for the addiction
Mr. Bess: Name 6 albums everyone should own?
The Elevaters:Beatles- Revolver
Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti
Daft Punk- Discovery
Nick Drake- Pink Moon
The Clash- London Calling
James Brown- No one album, but he's got to be in the mix...
Mr. Bess: Your last album was released May 5, 2007. When is the next Elevaters album dropping and what can we expect from it?
The Elevaters: Better, Faster, Stronger, Harder, Sexier, Tighter, Deeper!
Mr. Bess: What is the best part about performing on stage together?
The Elevaters: There are moments where we're not in control, we are playing our parts- not missing a beat, but we've given the song control of the steering wheel. The music between us has arrested and is moving us. That's when the audience is most akin to putty, because we are too.
Mr. Bess: What is the message you have for the world through your music?
The Elevaters: Elevaters are the soundtrack to this new activated generation that we saw wake from their sleep Nov. 4th, 2009. A hot, fresh, and fun generation that is choosing a new direction of smart, green, responsible, and hard choices to make up for the excesses and shallowness of those that have come before us. We make this revolution sound good!
Mr. Bess: Who is going to win the NBA finals: ORLANDO MAGIC or LA LAKERS?
The Elevaters: LAKE SHOW in 6!!

Be sure to checkout The Elevaters Upcoming shows
Jul 18 2009
Private Showcase
Studio City, California

EPK from Elevaters on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plump People & Skinny Jeans

Well Hello World! It has been a ridiculously long time, and I truly miss all of you. I feel we need to sit down with a drink and have a good laugh. With my Cherry Limeade in hand, I would just like to let everyone know that I’m back on my BS again!!! I’ve been out in the streets and going to a lot of places and the things I’ve been seeing have inspired me. I’m also happy to see my Orlando Magic in the Finals against the L.A. Lakers. I’m going to be bold and say the Orlando Magic will upset the Lakers in Game 6. Call me crazy, but I believe it is going to happen. I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the artist who have participated in the Wake Up Mr. Bess Blogspot interviews. I’ve been getting a good feedback and responses from it. Be sure to check out the next interview post which will be featuring The Elevaters (http://www.myspace.com/elevaters) and also check out the album on ITunes titled “Rising”.

I haven’t written a blog like this in a long time, but today’s topic is Plump People & Skinny Jeans. I’m not one to judge but ya’ll know this simply wrong. It’s like oil trying to mix with water. I’m not the only person who notices these things. Just by the name of the jeans, I’m pretty the emphasis is on “skinny” meaning that these jeans were made for thin ass people! Like Tubby, chubby, fatty, jeans would work for you. Even straight leg jeans would be a right fit. I don’t know what you were thinking picking a size 30x30 when you know you should be in 50x50. I saw this big black in LA wearing some bright neon yellow skinny jeans walking down the street. Both of his legs looked like two big ass Yellow Hi-Liters…..LoL! What made the sight even worse was that in crack was showing also. It was sad to see him look uncomfortable.


Man the bottoms of your pants should not suffocate the top of ankles when you put the on. It was just horrible sight for me everyone. Like I know I may sound kind of harsh and all but 2+2 does not equal 6. It’s just wrong, and that guy knew. Well that’s all I have to say for tonight!!! Thank you for reading my 2cents! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of evening!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Gio Basicali (Thumbs Up!) Interview

If you are a real person, who likes real music, and has bills to pay, L.A. MC Gio Basicali is the artist for you. He has the whole world feeling good with their thumbs up, as he brings positive vibes through his music. Gio Basicali is one the young fresh new voices coming out of the L.A. music scene. With an self titled debut on ITunes, and an EP titled “I Choose You “ that is dropping May 19th,2009 for FREE download, Gio Basicali is an artist you definitely want to checkout.

Mr. Bess: Who is Gio Basicali?

Gio Basicali: Hip Hop, songwriter, and poet.

Mr. Bess: Busta Rhymes cut his dreads and went with a short clean haircut. What made you cut your dreads?

Gio Basicali: I grew my hair out to have a connection to my father, because he also had locks. I didn’t know I was doing that at first, but in my process of becoming a man I had to know what it felt like to see life the way he did, since he wasn’t there to tell me. I lived 10 years with locks. It was the best experience in my life, but I needed a change. I felt it inside and I was scared at first, like, will people accept me when they are gone? But I realized it is me who makes me how I am, not my hair. So when I realized that, IT was off with the hair. Plus, I love wearing hats and I couldn’t fit any. Or if I could I would hear LIL JON comments all over the place [laughs].

Mr. Bess: What is your “Thumbs Up” movement about?

Gio Basicali: Thumbs up is universal for everyone. For the most part, it is a positive hand signal for “go” or “I’m ready” or “everything is fine.” So when I put the thumbs up, all these things come together, I am ready to go, ready to make things happen, everything is good, I hope they are with you, let’s work together… Thumbs Up!

Mr. Bess: American Pie is one of the highest rated tracks on your debut album on ITunes and one of my favorite tracks as well. What is the inspiration behind the song?

Gio Basicali: My inspiration behind that was my neighborhood in mid-city Los Angeles. My blocks have a colorful mixture of people who do what they have to do to survive. Some work for a living with regular job 9-5 jobs, some are on government support, some are business owners, artists, and others sell “product”, if you know what I mean. For the most part, my neighborhood is calm. No real problems, just real people trying to get by everyday. There is a police station right down the street. These dudes are part of the worst things that happen in our neighborhood, and everybody knows that, so the idea of justice and liberty for all is jaded where I come from. To judge the lower is to judge the higher ‘cause they are all connected. Only one truly suffers for mistakes, and that is the one trying to get by, while the police and government go untouched. I don’t support dealing “product,” and I have a big problem with it and Dope Boy Music. To glory in the idea is sad, and in my neighborhood I also see the results of what drugs have done to our communities and families and because of that, I can’t stand it. To me, when rappers glorify selling dope, it is like a Jewish dude bragging about getting rich off selling information to the Germans during the Holocaust….never going to happen! But with Black people, we glorify the rape and break down of our own, which is why Jay-Z and other like him are whatever to me. See I give him credit [laughs]! But for real, I understand why people do it and that is the sad part. They do it, because life is hard and some aren’t blessed with the options that the rest of us have, regardless of how much they say we have choices. So in the song, I adopted the mindset of my neighborhood, and of my neighbors, and American Pie is what came out.

Mr. Bess: On May 19th the “I Choose You EP” comes out for Free download. What can we expect from this EP?

Gio Basicali: Positive music that you can play as soon as you wake up and find inspiration and motivation for the day. This project is not about me being a dope MC. This project is about connecting to real people, which is the reason that I wanted to give it away. "I choose you" is my theme for the year. It’s like “pay if forward;” use your gift, talent or skill to make the world a better place. I just wanted to give as many people as I could a gift of good music that would aid them in becoming better people.

Mr. Bess: What are the struggles for a L.A. based solo independent Hip Hop artist?

Gio Basicali: Wow! That is a big question. Lack of support, I would have to say. L.A. is real hype beast for the most part, and without real backing it is hard to rise above the surface. It takes real dedication to break out in this game here in L.A. Everyone comes here to break out. Most are terrible, but every once in a while, you find a diamond in the rough. It’s easy to create music now, because you can produce music in your own home, which makes the market place is crazy. There are too many choices, and the ones who ‘suck ass’ always seem to be the biggest pushers [Laughs]! The ones with talent just seem to give up because the fame is not worth not being heard for what we are really trying to say. Most just throw in the towel and keep the low profile. I find myself having to be really creative this last year. I took a break to see if this is something that I wanted to keep at, and out of that time I came up with the song, “Fuck Plugging That Dumb Shit.” It’s like I can’t let the dark side win. So I just took it upon myself and said, look, no matter what comes my way I am going to make this happen. No label deals here. Even if one is offered it would only be as two partners coming together. No giving away master or creative control to someone who could care less about the music and its message. And for that, this game is almost impossible for independent artists in L.A. But I feel the time is here for artist like me. The world is looking for artists like us because when you are trying to improve your life the sounds of commercial music is not hitting, and for that reason Hip Hop has lost its appeal across the board. Thanks to the Internet, we have a window to show ourselves. But even that window has its time limit before the corporation finds a way to block it or corner it.

Mr. Bess: At one time in your life you served as a youth minister. What made you make that transition to Hip Hop?

Gio Basicali: I have always been Hip Hop, even as a youth minister I was Hip Hop. The reason why I left my position as a youth minister is because the religion became a roadblock for me. The rules didn’t add up, and they would like to say it does but it doesn’t. The God that I read about in the bible was not the same God that the church at large is all about. God is not black and white; he is as colorful as the world, and the people he made, he created plain and simple. Instead of becoming the better man I had always hoped to be, I was becoming a lie, so it was time for me to leave. My pursuit of God is very serious. I would consider myself to be a spiritual person, but I am no longer trying to get people to see it the way I do. I am just trying to live it out. I don’t consider myself to be a Christian, but rather one influenced by Christ, teaching based on my environment. So don’t worry, I am not trying to convert anyone THROUGH my music.

Mr. Bess: Do you think you will ever end up back in church as a minister?

Gio Basicali: Definitely not as a profession, but yes, when it comes to the discussion of seeking spiritual truth. That institution would have to be very open minded, though, for me to say what I want [laughs].

Mr. Bess: How do you feel about Hip Hop on the radio?

Gio Basicali: Bullshit!!!

Mr. Bess: What inspires a Gio Basicali song?

Gio Basicali: The Beat tells me what it wants first, and then my life experiences come into play, and then words come out. The mood has to be right for me to create because I reach far into myself and others around me for ideas. I like building with producers who have a clue as to what they want to communicate with their beat so that the energy of the song is right.

Mr. Bess: Name 5 albums that everyone should own?

Gio Basicali: Black on Both Sides: Mos Def, Reflection Eternal: Talib Kwali, Like Water for Chocolate: Common, Aquemini: Outkast, and Gio Basicali.

Mr. Bess: Who are some of your musical influences?

Gio Basicali: Mos Def, Black Thought, and The Roots are my absolute favorite MC’s, and the list just goes on and on. I listen to a lot of music, but the funny thing is, I don’t pay attention to names of songs so I could never tell people what song I am thinking about. I just have to sing it to them to tell them. Maybe I will do a video blog one day with me singing all the songs of artists that influence me, [Laughs]!

Mr. Bess: Who do you see yourself working with in the future?

Gio Basicali: I have to work with Mos Def and Black Thought before I die, it just has to happen. I have always wanted to rock over some Will I Am production. Musiq Soul Child is on that dream list with John Meyer, Kanye, and Herbie Hancock [laughs]! I know I have a tendency to dream big. I can’t see the lines now, but I am hoping that independent music would reach that far into the game where celebs in the game would recognize and be down to build; there now it’s out there.

Mr. Bess: What message do you have for the world through your music?

Gio Basicali: Hope! I want people to find power and inspiration in my music. I want to hear stories, like, “Hey Gio, I was listening to your music in my car and it made me feel good.” This is the kind of music I write, “Feel Good Music.” I don’t want to be that MC who can’t get off the topic of how dope he is. I want my music to feel different every time so that whatever mood you are in I got something for you. I create “timeless music,” because it never gets old. I am not really the artist for trendy hits for the charts on any level. I truly just write songs that I feel will always be relevant and if one of those happens to hit, indeed I will be surprised! No Hype, Just Hip Hop!

Mr. Bess: What advice do you have for up & coming artist on the rise?

Gio Basicali: Be true to yourself, and when you don’t have money, be creative because there is always a way.

The Basicali "I Choose You Ep" For FREE Download


I Choose You EP is a project put together by the artist "Basicali" in partner with "Acrylick Clothing" as a gift, a FREE DOWNLOAD for for anyone to enjoy. The Project is uplifting, feel good, positive, conscience music much like the brand of the two. Basicali suggests: "You could play in morning to start your day." The EP was put together in hopes of inspiring others to do the same with their gifts and talents in helping the world become a better place. ENJOY!!!

Be Sure to follow Gio Basicali at these websites http://www.myspace.com/basicali

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Make Me Rafer Alston YoU!

You better not turn around, because I will Rafer Alston You! This years NBA playoffs have been really physical. When Rafer Alston slapped Eddie House upside his head, I was Laughing My Ass Off (LMAO)! I found this Youtube video which made the slap that much more hilarious to me! When you take Rafer Alston and Dub his voice with Rick James, it equals ComedY!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hugh Hefner's First African Playmate of the Year

On May 2, 2009 Ida Ljungqvist was named 2009 Playmate of the Year. She is the first African born playmate. She has a degree in fashion design & marketing. She also speaks English, Swedish, adn Swahili.

Playboy selected the right choice! My president is black, and My 50th playmate of the year is black! She definitely recieves the *Mr. Bess* Stamp of approval! SHE IS SUPER SEXY!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tha Boogie

If Prince, No Doubt, Outkast, The Fugees, Gnarls Barkley, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Cold Play, Kelis, & Missy Elliot all came together and created a musical baby, you would get Tha Boogie. Coming from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, Tha Boogie is one most creative groups to come out of Southern California. The group consists of three members, who are all uniquely talented, and have an amazing work ethic. NuSchool (Singer/song writer/Rapper/vocal producer/arranger), Korus (Singer/Song writer), and Lejin (Singer/Music Producer/arranger), form Tha Boogie. They write, produce, record, arrange, and perform their own music. They recently just finished up a 10 city tour across the nation with Raphael Saadiq, and are currently working on an EP which will be released soon. Tha Boogie is a group that has captured the attention of many and should definitely not be slept on!

Mr. Bess: How did Tha Boogie Meet?
Tha Boogie: NuSchool and Korus are cousins and Nu School and Lejin connected in high school. We began to make music together as solo artist and then decided to put together the group later on to be more efficient financially since our family was backing us.
Mr. Bess: Your group has something new to bring to bring to the table of the music industry. How does Tha Boogie come up with that unique sound?
Tha Boogie: We just combined all of our influences to our liking, and found ourselves within that. The music we create is just a result of it.
Mr. Bess: Do you have a special process for making a song?
Tha Boogie: Lejin usually begins the direction with the production. Once he has something he feels like should be taken to the next level, he hands it over (like a baton) to NuSchool to begin the whole creation process vocally and lyrically. Once the demos are done, all three of us get together to record our parts and make it cohesive.
Mr. Bess: Groups tend to have creative differences. How do you get over those humps?
Tha Boogie: We're pretty open to all suggestions, and incorporate each others individuality in the creation process. Plus we trust each other enough in what we do to avoid a lot of those differences.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group has the worst bad habit and what are the bad habits?
Tha Boogie: We all have a bad habit and our habit is that we can be quite impatient and like to keep working.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group jokes around the most?
Tha Boogie: We all have our moments and we love them.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group brings everyone together when things are getting out of hand?
Tha Boogie: Well we are pretty similar in ways of being laid back, and things tend to not get out of hand with us.
Mr. Bess: This question is for Korus. How is it being the only girl in the group?
Tha Boogie (Korus): Well it's cool because I'm a bit of a tom-boy, so I'm use to rolling with the fellas, and plus we're family so it's all love.

Mr. Bess: Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae, and Tha Boogie all on tour together. How does that sound?
Tha Boogie: It sounds like a dream; it sounds like something we would love to happen.
Mr. Bess: You guys and girl are currently on tour with Raphael Saadiq. How did that come about?
Tha Boogie: Well it was casually suggested by the label, and it was something that went from three shows on the west coast to a total of ten shows with cities like New York and Atlanta included, a crazy experience.

Mr. Bess: Raphael Saadiq is currently featured on your song titled “I see U.” Do you have plans on working with him in the future?

Tha Boogie: Yeah, sure we have a great relationship with Raphael and he's been very open to us and our ideas and what we are trying to do.

Mr. Bess: You are all currently working on your new mixtape right now and mentioned you had a lot of big name features on it. Can you give us any names?
Tha Boogie: There are a lot of people we would like to work with, so hopefully in the future who knows.

Mr. Bess: What is the name of the new mixtape, and when can we expect it?

Tha Boogie: Well we actually made a switch and it is going to be an EP and we don't have an official name yet for the EP, but we are looking at a release for early summer.
Mr. Bess: If Tha Boogie could work with any artist or group right now who would it be?
Tha Boogie: No Doubt!!!!!!!
Mr. Bess: Name five albums everyone should own?

Tha Boogie:
1. All the Kelis Albums
2. Missy-Supa Doopa Fly
3. Outkast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below
4. Any No Doubt Album
5. Raphael Saadiq-Instant Vintage

Mr. Bess: Your music is very unique. What message do you have for the world through your music?
Tha Boogie: You can do anything.
Mr. Bess: Lastly, do you have any advice for any up & coming artist trying to make it in the music industry?
Tha Boogie: Stay in line, and be yourself!
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