Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mr. Bess has banned himself from High Desert Bars and Clubs and shall be on a Drinking Strike till December 12, 2008


We have just recently left the press conference, where Mr. Bess has informed the public on his ground breaking decision. This is what Mr. Bess had to say to the press.

Mr. Bess:
I have stepped backed and took a look at my life. In order for me to excel, some changes are definitely going to have to take place. So I have decided to ban myself from all High Desert clubs and bars. People may say, “Mr. Bess why would you do something like this?” I’m not here to put people down or anything because I know there are people that feel the same way and want to make push toward particular goals as well. Honestly the way I feel when I go out at times, I feel as if I am at one big high school reunion with all the high schools and the people that decided to do nothing with their lives. Their cover up is acting like they are the shit. I can go to these places on weekly bases and see the same people, in the same spot, doing the same thing every time. I feel as if I’m being sucked into that environment when I’m near it. In an environment like that I feel like my life has progressed 0%. Kind of a harsh way to put it but that is the only way I could say it. On the lighter side of things, I personally would like to take a vacation from drinking. Some feel as if it is an essential to life, and I feel as if there is nothing wrong with a little break. I would like a little bit of time to increase the definition on this warrior like body of mine. December 12, 2008 is when I’ll be going to Las Vegas until December 15, 2008. No need to shed a tear or anything of that nature. People will still be able to see me out and about. You’ll be able to catch a movie with me, have dinner, amusement parks, kickback, concerts, sporting events, and you could even call me if you are to drunk to drive home. I have the potential to do so much more with my life and I would like to tap into that potential and see what happens. Questions….Feel free to text me, call me, e-mail me, AIM.
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