Friday, August 21, 2009


We live in a world that has been polluted by chorus driven Hip Hop with no substance. Smog composed of ringtone rap, swagger, & trends, makes it hard to rely on real Hip Hop as a source of fresh air. It seems like every where you go; it is hard to get away from the Radio Bull Shit. I stopped attending clubs mainly because of the fights, and the atmosphere was always the same. People always say, “I just go to have fun with my friends,” which could be a true statement at times. #1 reason why I stopped going is because the DJ’s play Bull Shit!
I’m officially happy to say that I have found my breath of fresh on Saturday nights in Phoenix, Arizona, at a place called the Hidden House! If you are a fan of Rakim, The Chronic Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, M.O.P., J. Dilla, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Living Legends, Exile, Oh No, Slum Village, Atmosphere, KRS-one, Little Brother, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Old School Outkast, Chaka Khan, and the list can go on forever! As I was saying…..if you are a fan of Artist such as the few that I listed, The Shop on Saturday Nights at The Hidden House is the place the be.

The Shop was started by DJ Al Page. Being a DJ in Arizona, he was fed up with playing the music that everyone else wanted instead of staying true to his roots, so he created The Shop.

“My dislike towards mainstream comes from the fact that 99% of that shit is whack. Clear channel and MTV have a system that the average person buys. People are too lazy and settle for what is fed to them. There isn’t one artist on MTV or the radio worth a fuck as far as I’m concerned,” stated DJ Al Page.

The music and the positive vibes is what always keep people coming to The Shop. I also forgot the mention that the drinks are cheap to and you should always tip your bartender. The dance floor is always packed due to amazing the music and the incredible people on 1’s & 2’s. Rather be it DJ Al Page, DJ KGB, DJ Ms. Robs, DJ Osama Big Serg, DJ Dn3, DJ Kris the fist, or the sexy DJ Brazilia, playing best in Underground Hip Hop, Classic Hip Hop Funk, Soul, and Reggae, The Shop is always the place to be on Saturday nights in Phoenix, AZ.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

giO BasiCali - I Choose You (Video)

Ya'll Remember West Coast Rapper Gio BasiCali From My Past Interview When His Free EP came out. Well the First Video Has Officially arrived, and it's dope! Gio BasiCali is HERE Ya'll.....CHECK IT OUT!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE EP DOWNLOAD IT NOW....IT's FREE & GOOD MUSIC FOR YOUR LISTENING SOUL!!!!!! Plan Setters & MOVE MAKERS!!!!

Basicali - I Choose You from Hip Hop Official on Vimeo.

The Basicali "I Choose You Ep" For FREE Download

I Choose You EP is a project put together by the artist "Basicali" in partner with "Acrylick Clothing" as a gift, a FREE DOWNLOAD for for anyone to enjoy. The Project is uplifting, feel good, positive, conscience music much like the brand of the two. Basicali suggests: "You could play in morning to start your day." The EP was put together in hopes of inspiring others to do the same with their gifts and talents in helping the world become a better place. ENJOY!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Was Bored Today

As I sit here bored out my mind watching MTV’s true and drinking an extremely nasty beer (Leinenpiugel’s Sunset Wheat Beer). The only thing I get out of this show is that there is love for everyone out there. I’m watching a broke fat guy with a beautiful model type looking chick. How did it happen…who knows? Can I hate…No! As I sit here and watch the TV I was thinking. Have you ever made it to point in your life where you get tired of working for someone else due to the fact it is not what you want to be doing in life? I’ve been at the point for a while now, that’s why I have made the move. I can’t wait to finish school and obtain a journalism degree but the same time I would It be amazing to own a night lounge and doing up the way I want it. Being your OWN BOSS would be the dream Job! Lot’s of stress and pressure but everything is done your way! I can’t wait for school to start so I can get back on track, and come back to California Successful! That is the plan in this small journey of mine while having a good time.

Two things I do not like right now are Black Guys in Skinny Jeans wearing UGG Boots and the Skin-It Commercial done in Auto-Tune!

I’m currently listening to the Kooley High Mixtape in my Car out the moment. My favorite track is Kooley is High. Check out the video Below!

Well I’m at a loss of words at the moment….So Arizona Peeps can catch here tonight! Cali Friends feel free to drive out and check it out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Mixtape Edition

Welcome to a Mixtape Sunday edition at I thought I would keep it simple today because I feel as if I have a 60 year old soul within me. I went out last night and came home at 3am. I would work at 7am, and it just so happened to be the roughest morning ever! Woke up with bug bites on my ribs and I was crazy tired! I don’t know if I can go be going out like that anymore.

So I downloaded 2 Mixtapes last week that have the potential to be albums. The first is by an artist by the name of QuEST. One of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year. Back by major Hip Hop websites,, & Well the wait was definitely worth it! The Broken Headphones mixtape is must download and is Wake Up Mr. Bess Approved!
The next Mixtape I took a shot in the dark at because I didn’t even know who Fresh Daily was! What a breath of fresh air! I am proud to say I that I can’t stop listening to it. The Tomorrow is Today Mixtape is one most creative concept albums. It needs to be in stores for sale, but it is here free for your listening ears. Both Mixtapes have the Wake Up Mr. Bess Stamp of Approval So Download them NOW!!!!

DOWNLOAD: QuESt - Broken Headphones Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Fresh Daily - Tomorrow Is Today (Mixtape) zshare