Sunday, December 21, 2008

Concert on Wheels

1 final essay down, 3 more to go, and 2 in class finals. Yup it’s crunch time right now ladies and gentlemen, plus I work a full time job, and still find the time to provide you with a lame blog! Whack or not, you still get your blog. Dedication maybe or just the gift of giving since it is the holiday season. Speaking of holiday season, I think I may have to blog about the items I like and hope they hand in my hand or door step, come Christmas time. Let’s jump right into today’s topic so I can get back to my school work.

My Car….I’m riding in my Car! Rather you like to pick your nose in car, release those farts you’ve been holding all day, sleep, change clothes, we all sing and rap in the automobile! Yea some of us sing in the shower, but the real concert begins in the concert. Rather you rock out, sing, rap, & even dance; we go all out in car when alone. The audience may stare and laugh, but who cares, they are not having fun in their car. Long drives, short drives to work, school, grocery store, I have a good time. When the music is on everything gets right for some reason. Sometimes I even feel I make the song sound better. Does anyone else feel that way? Group concerts are pretty fun to. When everyone has there own parts and then come together in attempt to harmonize….LoL! And for the people that don’t have stereo’s in their car invest in a portable radio, play the music on your cell phone, or better yet……Work on your beat box’n skills. Concert on wheels are pretty amazing though! If you never experienced it, I suggest you hop in your car and put your favorite song on, crank it up, and party. You will enjoy yourself!

Well that concludes this evening BLOG! Have a wonderful night! If you haven’t subscribed yet….you are hurting yourself! Do yourself a favor and Subscribe! It’s FREE!

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