Sunday, December 21, 2008

What are the Qualifications to be black & to use to the Word Nigga?

Hello Children, teens, young adults, adults, and wrinkled ones! Welcome to another day in my cerebellum. My creative juices have not been flowing lately because I’ve been hearing and seeing the same ol’ stuff. All my ideas have been coming to me while I’m in the shower. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it is the way the water hits my body or there may be something in the steam that enters my pores and activates my creativity. Today I did something pretty good as I always do. I cleaned out my closet as I do every couple times a year, and get rid of items I do not need. Those clothes I will donate to Salvation Army, and give them to families in need at the church with growing children. Applause for me…….Clap…….Clap…….Clap!!!

So let us get on the topic now. I rarely use the word NIGGA but the other day I said, “This NIGGA!” Shortly after I made the statement someone said, “DJ you’re not Black!” So I thought, maybe the pigmentation of my skin instantly turned white, or the person was colored blind. Maybe I’m not qualified due to the fact I tend to annunciate my words, my clothes are fitted, I stay calm, have a mother and father that stayed together, and I’ll end it there.

A Small part of a Qualification list:
*Wear clothes twice your size *Wear Creased Dickie Pants
*Eat Fried Chicken *Eat Watermelon
*Speak in slang throughout a whole conversation
*Wear Silver/Gold Jewelry with a plus size charm
*Wear Air Force One’s *Drink Kool-Aid
*Wear Sunglasses at night *Only watch BET & TVONE
*Wear pants twice your *Talk Loudly
* Put a System and Rims on all your cars

Out of that little list, 3.5 things apply to me. 3.5 out of 12 and I have very dark skin. Not even at 50%. So does that not allow me the opportunity to use the word NIGGA ? Who is the judge of that? DO I need my official hood pass, to at least use the word once a month? Fat Joe and DJ Khaled use it all the time and they are 0% African American. Surprising I know?!?!?!? My mother is black and my father is black. They created me and I came out black. Therefore I am black. I just carry myself differently. Names such as square, corny, oreo, white washed mean nada damn thing in my dictionary. I’m on my way to becoming a household name in a positive way!!!!

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