Sunday, December 21, 2008

TAP OUT (please go 6 feet UNder!)

I know I'm no fashion critic or anything. I can barely figure out my outfits some days. Last time I put down the dress that every girl wears. Mix reviews from that blog, but who cares because it is a new day, and a new topic. This time I would just like to pick on a specific group of people. This is for the UFC fighters, MMA fighters, Pride fighters, Inspiring fighters, and people that just like to fight in cages. We know you can fight and all that cool stuff, matter fact you would probably make me tap out, but must you wear a TAP OUT shirt everywhere you go. We know you are a WARRIOR, who can cause AFFLICTION, because you are part of FAMILIA GLADIATORIA, which means you are a SINISTER, COMBAT KILLER with VENUM who shows NO FEAR! Amazing how I took all these cage fighting clothing brands and created an amazing sentence out them. Please hold all your applause till the last period….thank you! Anyway can you please lay all this stuff to rest like FUBU!

The funny thing is when they don't wear these shirts; you'll see some of them in button up dress shirts with 5 buttons undone, and no under shirt. WTF……HAHAHA! Lastly when you are about to fight someone outside of a building, what is the point of taking off your shirt? It is either you going to get beat up or you are going to do the beating up. Does it make a difference rather your shirt is on off? I know if you get tackled on the asphalt, shirtless your back is going to look similar to my ancestors with the addition of road rash.




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