Sunday, December 21, 2008


I should have expressed my thoughts on this topic long ago, after my Vegas experience. Ladies.....If I have ever told you, that you looked good one night, and you were wearing this particular dress, I most likely looked you in the eye, and lied to you with a big smile! Reason being 80 other girls surrounding you had on the same dress just different color. I don't know what the dress is called but, it is loose at the top, and tight at the bottom. Everyone notices it though. Every bar/club/lounge I go to it's guaranteed that I will see 20 girls with this same dress on, just a different color, and sometimes even the same color. Rather your dress has no straps, one strap, or 2 straps, it got to go! I even seen a chick in a zebra print one (the club is not a safari!). Every girl who has this article of clothing should consider burning it, donating it, cutting it, trash it, use it to wash your car with, but please don't wear it out any more!!!!

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