Sunday, December 21, 2008

Swagger has Stole Hip Hop

My Ears have been open, a warrant was issued, and I think I have finally cracked the case on who has stolen Hip Hop. A little fellow by the name of swagger has been convicted of this horrible crime. Swagger is the presentation of one’s self. Swagger took over hip hop when he broke into every recording studio, and hopped on every track. Now everyone cares about swagger, and very few people care about substance. There are a handful of great mainstream emcees and two pockets full of great underground emcees. I can admit….Mainstream hip hop makes a party crack, but don’t you get tired of the same concepts with a different beat. I know that I do! Every now and then I’ll hear a dope song that catches my attention if I listen to the radio. I’m just saying swagger needs to be locked up for a while now, and released later on down the road, and come back with a BANG like the Vocoder…….LOL!!!!!!!!

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