Sunday, December 21, 2008

LIFE is like a Ferris Wheel

Welcome to another day in my laboratory. I’m still on this blog a day diet, and I feel great. If you haven’t found out yet, I was born with two right brains. The right side of the brain is the realm of creativity. Some new to look for this week is my new poetry page I’ll be putting up. Also I can wait to start my video vlog series as well. I’m going to Pinky and The Brain the internet and take over the world! I like taking concepts that are simple and plain and making them fly for you. Today we will talk about how life is like a Ferris wheel.

So earlier today I was talking to life when I had a break from class. Life is a crazy character and a worthy opponent. Life made me think about a lot of things. To me life is Ferris wheel, and I’ve been stuck on this ride for way to long. Round, and round it goes, and I’ve most definitely had my highs and lows. I don’t know who else has been on this Ferris wheel, but this ride sucks. Round and round, my Wednesdays through Saturday s are the same. I love the people I hang out with; I just get tired of seeing the lames do the same thing. I’ve been a visitor of their club houses so much now; they have asked me to join. I had to decline their offer, because I found out what I wanted to do with my life. I’m finally getting off this Ferris wheel though. I’m working on buying a space shuttle now, because you shall see me amongst the stars, and I want all ya’ll to be apart of my constellation.

I hope you got this concept today! It was pretty simple I feel!

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