Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vacationing Is My Career

So I just got back from a week vacation. No work, No school, No stress, relaxation, and my mind at ease. Now I’m back to interrogating my brain with my Sunkist Orange soda, and snickers in hand so I can deliver these blogs to you! I owe the World some new material, so that is what I am here to provide. Good service like an Asian massage parlor! That line has nothing to do with this blog………..Welcome back to my World of Random Thoughts.

So when you have a 7 hour drive, time to relax, think, and just look out of a car window, so much comes to your mind. So I was thinking if I could make vacationing my career and get paid for relaxing, that would be great. Amazing, wouldn’t you say? All expenses paid, and all you would have to pay for is your meal. The only work you would be required to do, would be to write reviews on hotels and vacation destinations. If anyone knows where I can apply, please let me know. I’ll even put in extra work by taking pictures….LoL! Vacationing would be a great career, until you want to settle down and have a family. Next best career to vacationing would be……..Stay at home Father! If the wife gave me the offer not to work and just take care of the home, kids, and her…….it’s done! I have no shame……HAHA! That will be the topic for another blog.

*REAL TALK>>>>I WOULDN’T FeeL Right not Working and bringing in some kind of INCOMe!*

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