Sunday, December 21, 2008

Internet Bully’s

So I’m on day 2 of my drinking strike and high desert club/bar ban. I think tonight is like $1 or $2 drink night at a few places for you bargain drinkers out there. So today I went to school and basically listened to my IPod the whole day without skipping tracks which is rare for me. My IPod consist of artist such as: Atmosphere, Black Milk, Blu & Exile, Braille, QN5, Common Market, CRAC, Danger Mouse & Jemini, Danny!, Elzhi, EMC, Giant Panda, Gio, The Grouch, Inverse, Lauryn Hill, Lightheaded, Living Legends, Modil, Median, Mr. J. Medeiros, N.E.R.D., Nicolay & Kay, Panacea, The Procussions, Q-Tip, Rashid Hadee, The Roots, Sivion, Skillz, The Strange Fruit Project, Surreal, Tabi Bonney, Tanya Morgan, Theory Hazit, Etc.

You should check out a few of these artists sometime. You may actually enjoy them!

Sorry to bore you with that introduction, so let’s dive into the topic of internet bully’s. People say I have a lot of time on my hands to write all these blogs, which I really don’t. I just make time, because it is fun to me. On the other hand, internet bully’s have all the time in the world and no life. Internet bullies are just as whack as gangsters and world terrorist. Internet bullies are random people who threaten you through messages, comments, and sometimes even instant messaging. Crazy I know?!?!?!?!? For example:

XoXoBloodgangstaXoXo: if you ever write a square ass comment like that again, I’m finna smack the shit outta ya!

NoHoMo3537: I punk kats for fun, and your song sucks dick! Crips ^^^^^

YUnGthiLLER87: Why you got the color red on your myspace page. Nigga if I see you in the streets, you gon’ get banged on Cuz!

IxamxAxMARTIAN: How you dance’n with that girl in the video. Man I’ll &*$@ your Girl and make her swallow my kids!

My readers, do you see what I mean now?!?!?! Ridiculous is on a whole new level. I guess it is the era where virtual punking and bang’n is the latest craze. The internet is one crazy place where somebody can be anybody!

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