Sunday, December 21, 2008

Victor Valley College Fight

Is college supposed to be a place of learning or a battle ground? If you chose place of learning you are correct, but today it served as a battle ground. Now this fight consisted of loud yelling, 5 guys, 2 girls, 2 cops, pepper spray, the word nigga, and the word blood…….Can you guess the race. Well if you chose African American……ding!….ding!…..ding! You are 100% correct!

After my first class today I went to the library to study for a test for my following class. As I was walking outside to go to class, I turned to my right because I hear all this yelling and commotion, “Nigga, Nigga, what nigga…..Blood, Blood, what Blood….Bitch,” and so on. There were five black guys. 3 on one side, and 2 on the other side facing each other. Also included were 2 black girls that were off to the side. The fight started off 1 on 1, and then it turned into a 6 person brawl. A few people got hit pretty hard. Unfortunately one of the girls got caught with a clean punch by another guy. As the cops pulled up, one of the fighters ran behind the police car and said, “Fight is over!” Then you hear the other guys say, “Bitch ass nigga,” and they all continued to fight while the cops were there. The cops ended up pulling out the pepper spray and began spraying people.

FUNNY PART: One of the guys had dreadlocks and was sprayed directly in the face. After he got sprayed in the face it looked like he was getting hyphy and started shake’n dem dreads. Afterwards he sprinted away.

More people began to get sprayed so I left the area. None of the people got arrested which was kind of crazy. All the cops did was say stop, and sprayed pepper spray. Anyways……that was the best part of my day!

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