Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girls who wear Sandals and how come they get Asphalt Feet?

I hate sometimes that I am so observant, and these random thoughts come to my mind. I know you all see these same things, but the only difference is that I write about it. My topic today is about girls who wear sandals, and how come they get asphalt feet.

This is something that fascinates me and makes my stomach turn at the same time. Why is it that the majority of females who wear sandals out in public have heels that look like ashy chapped lips, and the bottoms of there feet are the color of asphalt? Sometimes I think some girls wear sandals with the bottoms cut out, because their feet are in such bad condition. Wouldn't make sense to get your feet done or something? One of the things that make my stomach vomit is when they take off the sandals and their foot prints are left on the sandals. An outline of the foot print would be understandable, but when your foot print looks like someone took a piece of charcoal and colored your outline in……NASTY! I wonder what the Vietnamese people say about your when the water turns black after they are done cleaning your feet….LoL! Have ya'll seen the infomercial with the detoxifying pads you put on the bottom of your feet? Well that's what most of these ladies sandals are looking like these days. Reason why I can talk is because I don't own a pair of sandals. My laptop is about to die and the charger is too far, so it looks like my BLOG is about to end now.

One more thing…..BUY sandals that fit your feet! The girls who have toes like the claw from the movie Toy Story that hangover the sandals, and they like to pick up loose change from the ground………WTF!!!!

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