Sunday, December 21, 2008

Las Vegas Trip

What’s up internet World. I’m finally back from my mini vacation in Las Vegas! Did ya’ll miss me? I just wanted to let everyone know that I am eating Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup with some Apple Juice on the side. It’s making me dance, but it is warm and I enjoy right now.
Rather you go to Las Vegas to gamble, site see, relax, party, eat, shop, or even watch a show, you will have fun! I guarantee it (that statement is wakeupmrbess approved)! I loved my whole entire stay this weekend. Despite the fact I don’t gamble, U still ate well, drank well, slept well, and partied well. Friday evening we made it to Las Vegas and we stayed at Circus Circus. People ask why we stayed there the first night…..The price was right…….LoL! You do get what you pay for. Only one elevator worked that went to are floor level. The ice machine on are floor was broken. The room was great for drinking alcohol, and the beds were comfortable. We went to Margaritaville and had a couple of drinks. The bartender made this like strawberry shortcake drink. That drink was delicious!!!! The rest of the Pre-gaming started in the room that night. The vodka drinks had me feeling pretty good. Tao was the club of the night for us. The spot was crackin’! I must say, I was accompanied by an amazing girl that night……..OMG…….She was Sexy! A lot of that night turned into a blur for most of the group that night. I know I woke up with a fatty headache the next morning, and I could taste vodka. After waking up, we packed up, checked out, made a McDonalds stop, and then went to Bally’s Hotel. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat old appearance of the hotel, because they actually have some really nice rooms. After that crazy night at Tao We required a little more sleep. After the small slumber it was time to eat. I had a nice steak and shrimp meal at the small café we ate at. The funny thing about that café was that all the servers seemed like they were lost in their own worlds. After we ate, we relaxed for a little bit then, began pre-gaming for the next club. That night I became a fan of Gin. Gin & Tonics are great but Tom Collins is a really great drink. It’s one of my nee favorites right now. We all got dressed up and ended up going to Body English. Once again I was accompanied by a super sexy girl that night! Body English is another crackin’ spot as well. I don’t know who the random people are that ended up on my camera that night, but it was a good night!

We all woke up starving the next day. We all went to the Carnival World Buffet at the Rio. Food hit the spot just right, and the Raspberry ice tea was super refreshing. I never had crab legs that were cooked and then put on ice before, but I chomped them crab legs up with some lemon and melted butter! After we left the Rio, went to the Paris Hotel and picked up the $15.00 margaritas. They are some very good margaritas I must say. The pre-gaming started early since it was the last night of partying. We first went to a small Irish pub/casino called O’Sheas which had beer pong tables there. My teammate and I lost all the games we played, but I left drunk. After O’sheas we went to a club called poetry. If you want to party with hella black people, this is the spot to be at. I really don’t remember my last night to well. I woke up this morning with my feet toward the headboard. I woke up just a little drunk but after I took a shower I felt great again. The drive home was kind of cool. It was my first time coming back from Las Vegas with multiple weather changes. We drove through rain, sleet, hail, and snow. The snow was actually sticking to which made a nice picture. Speaking of pictures…..I brought my camera and everyone else ended up on the camera way more times than me.

Well sorry if today’s blog was not interesting, but I had a super fun time in Vegas. I will have some great blogs for you all very soon since I’m on break right now.
Till next time……Wake Up MR. BESS!!!!!!

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