Monday, October 5, 2009


Such Hip Hop acts like, Drake, Kardinal Offishall, K-OS, & Swollen Members, have all emerged to become breakthrough from Canada. The next group to surface from the North is Canadian Hip Hop group The Lytics. The first single “Big City Sound Girl” created a huge buzz on the internet on major Hip Hop sites such as, and received high ratings, all across the boards. It was the first track I heard from the group and I had to know who they were. With the door cracked open, The Lytics have busted through, and made a lot of noise with their self-titled debut album. Hailing from Manitoba, Canada the trio of emcee’s (A-Nice, Ashy, Munga), just want to have fun, work hard, and put out good music. With tracks such as Big City Sound Girl, Stay Humble, Try Hard, I’m Here, The Lytics Album is a must buy. Go to ITunes or today and purchase your copy!

Mr. Bess: Who are the Lytics?

The Lytics: The Lytics consist of three emcee's A-nice, Ashy and Munga. A producer, B-flat, and a DJ Action Rick

Mr. Bess: How did The Lytics come together?

The Lytics: Well A-nice, Ashy and B-flat are brothers, but A-nice met Munga in '03 and decided we could make a little music. Ashy joined the group soon after, and B-flat was producing around the city anyways so it only made sense he'd let us use his beats. Action Rick joined the group in the winter of '08 and has been backing the group on the tables during performances. Now it is what it is.
Mr. Bess: How did Ashy get his name? Did you not use lotion as a child? (I'm not taking a shot at you!)

The Lytics: Damn Skippy, boy was crusty, and you know how nicknames go, it's usually the ones you don't like that stick…Hahahaha!

Mr. Bess: Mainstream stars such as Drake, Kardinal Offishall, K-OS, Swollen Members, have all emerged to become breakthrough artist from Canada. Where do the Lytics fit in?

The Lytics: Hopefully right alongside, with the right work ethic, and the right ears hearing us anything is possible.

Mr. Bess: What is the Canadian Hip Hop scene like?

The Lytics: Well you named some of them already, but I would say it's emerging. I believe we're about to make some noise soon, and if it is Gods will we'll be part of it.

Mr. Bess: Who are some of your musical influences?

The Lytics: They come from all over the place, from Tribe to Souls of Mischief, Slick Rick, Nas, Etc.

Mr. Bess: Who do you hope to work with in the future?

The Lytics: Umm, there are a lot, and our doors will always be open.

Mr. Bess: What is the message you want people to know through your music?

The Lytics: That the industry is changing, and people will have to start putting out good music to stay up.

Mr. Bess: What is the inspiration behind your debut album?

The Lytics: Just trying to put out good music, love, hard work, and fun. You know, just the kind of things that will get you through every day, and make tomorrow worth living.

Mr. Bess: What is the music making process like?

The Lytics: Well B-flat comes up with the beats and then emcee's and producer find a suitable hook. From there we get the verses straight (who's writing what etc.) and then we hit the booth and put it down. Mixings all done in house then we hit up our mastering guy Jay Malloy, and call it a track.

Mr. Bess: Name 5 albums everyone should own?

The Lytics: 1.) Illmatic - Nas, 2.) The Tipping Point- The Roots, 3.) Medians Relief- Median, 4.) Wolfgang Amadeus- Phoenix, 5.) Below the Heavens- Blu & Exile.

Mr. Bess: I couldn’t agree more with you on the album choices

Mr. Bess: What is Life like outside the Studio?

The Lytics: School, Work, Girls, I don’t know, that sort of thing….hahaha!

Mr. Bess: What does it take to be successful in the music industry?

The Lytics: Hard work, good music, and a little faith.

Mr. Bess: What do you think about President Obama calling Kanye West a, "Jackass?"

The Lytics: I don't know him personally so I wouldn't call him a jackass, but it definitely wasn't cool what he did.

Mr. Bess: At the end of your album you guys play around with Auto Tune. What is your dislike toward auto tune?

The Lytics: None what so ever. We found a plug in for it so we just started playing with it. We thought it was funny so we just tossed it on the record.


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