Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wake Up Mr. Bess Update

It has been a long while and I am finally back! I would like to do something a little different today. I gave mainstream radio Hip Hop a chance again. That was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in a while. The worst Hip Hop lyrics of the month, goes to Southern Rapper Dorrough and his verse on the Ice Cream Paint Job Remix. He states, “Mama black, daddy black, uncle black, granny black, catch me in a Cadillac.” Can someone please let him know he needs to step his game up or will it hurt the image?

So lately Mr. Bess has been M.I.A. Trying to find me is like trying to find the clothes pin in an ISPY book. We definitely have a lot of things to catch up on. I now live in one of the four corner states. It is also known to be the home of John McCain, The Grand Canyon, and the Cactus Wren (State Bird). Yes I am talking about hot ass Arizona. When you wake up in the morning it is 108 degrees, and when you go to sleep it is 108 degrees. Since I’ve been here, the hottest day was 115 degrees. That is crazy hot and unnecessary indeed! I went to my first club in Phoenix last night. The club was called Stoudemires in Downtown Phoenix. The place was decent and had a really nice set up, but they did not believe in Air Conditioning. You literally had a two song minimum and then you have to change clothes. Despite the triple digit heat in within the club, people still had the nerve to wear leather jackets and fur boots. It’s crazy how people look for love in clubs which I witnessed last night and it was the first time I saw parking pimp’n work. Niggas never fail to amaze me.

A big part of my agenda is to get these artist interviews up and rolling again. I’m really backed up with a lot of request, but I’m going knock them all out the way. Speaking of good hip hop music, everyone should check out the The Lytics ( Coming all the way from Manitoba, Canada, The Lytics are helping Hip Hop Stay alive and I hope to feature them on my blog!

A new life, new adventures, new experiences, and a new chapter to add to my life story. A lot of great things to come, and I want to take everyone along for the journey!

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