Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tha Boogie

If Prince, No Doubt, Outkast, The Fugees, Gnarls Barkley, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Cold Play, Kelis, & Missy Elliot all came together and created a musical baby, you would get Tha Boogie. Coming from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, Tha Boogie is one most creative groups to come out of Southern California. The group consists of three members, who are all uniquely talented, and have an amazing work ethic. NuSchool (Singer/song writer/Rapper/vocal producer/arranger), Korus (Singer/Song writer), and Lejin (Singer/Music Producer/arranger), form Tha Boogie. They write, produce, record, arrange, and perform their own music. They recently just finished up a 10 city tour across the nation with Raphael Saadiq, and are currently working on an EP which will be released soon. Tha Boogie is a group that has captured the attention of many and should definitely not be slept on!

Mr. Bess: How did Tha Boogie Meet?
Tha Boogie: NuSchool and Korus are cousins and Nu School and Lejin connected in high school. We began to make music together as solo artist and then decided to put together the group later on to be more efficient financially since our family was backing us.
Mr. Bess: Your group has something new to bring to bring to the table of the music industry. How does Tha Boogie come up with that unique sound?
Tha Boogie: We just combined all of our influences to our liking, and found ourselves within that. The music we create is just a result of it.
Mr. Bess: Do you have a special process for making a song?
Tha Boogie: Lejin usually begins the direction with the production. Once he has something he feels like should be taken to the next level, he hands it over (like a baton) to NuSchool to begin the whole creation process vocally and lyrically. Once the demos are done, all three of us get together to record our parts and make it cohesive.
Mr. Bess: Groups tend to have creative differences. How do you get over those humps?
Tha Boogie: We're pretty open to all suggestions, and incorporate each others individuality in the creation process. Plus we trust each other enough in what we do to avoid a lot of those differences.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group has the worst bad habit and what are the bad habits?
Tha Boogie: We all have a bad habit and our habit is that we can be quite impatient and like to keep working.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group jokes around the most?
Tha Boogie: We all have our moments and we love them.
Mr. Bess: Who in the group brings everyone together when things are getting out of hand?
Tha Boogie: Well we are pretty similar in ways of being laid back, and things tend to not get out of hand with us.
Mr. Bess: This question is for Korus. How is it being the only girl in the group?
Tha Boogie (Korus): Well it's cool because I'm a bit of a tom-boy, so I'm use to rolling with the fellas, and plus we're family so it's all love.

Mr. Bess: Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae, and Tha Boogie all on tour together. How does that sound?
Tha Boogie: It sounds like a dream; it sounds like something we would love to happen.
Mr. Bess: You guys and girl are currently on tour with Raphael Saadiq. How did that come about?
Tha Boogie: Well it was casually suggested by the label, and it was something that went from three shows on the west coast to a total of ten shows with cities like New York and Atlanta included, a crazy experience.

Mr. Bess: Raphael Saadiq is currently featured on your song titled “I see U.” Do you have plans on working with him in the future?

Tha Boogie: Yeah, sure we have a great relationship with Raphael and he's been very open to us and our ideas and what we are trying to do.

Mr. Bess: You are all currently working on your new mixtape right now and mentioned you had a lot of big name features on it. Can you give us any names?
Tha Boogie: There are a lot of people we would like to work with, so hopefully in the future who knows.

Mr. Bess: What is the name of the new mixtape, and when can we expect it?

Tha Boogie: Well we actually made a switch and it is going to be an EP and we don't have an official name yet for the EP, but we are looking at a release for early summer.
Mr. Bess: If Tha Boogie could work with any artist or group right now who would it be?
Tha Boogie: No Doubt!!!!!!!
Mr. Bess: Name five albums everyone should own?

Tha Boogie:
1. All the Kelis Albums
2. Missy-Supa Doopa Fly
3. Outkast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below
4. Any No Doubt Album
5. Raphael Saadiq-Instant Vintage

Mr. Bess: Your music is very unique. What message do you have for the world through your music?
Tha Boogie: You can do anything.
Mr. Bess: Lastly, do you have any advice for any up & coming artist trying to make it in the music industry?
Tha Boogie: Stay in line, and be yourself!
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