Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Life Pt. 2 (Facebook Confessions)

The Time is 4:32 PM and it is currently 97 degrees in my Part Arizona on September 18, 2009. I’m sitting in basketball shorts and wearing my Summer League Basketball T-Shirt from 1999, while cooking Steak, Rigatoni, & Portobello Mushrooms. My mind began to become pregnant and I decided to compose a small letter to Life today. Here is a small excerpt from the letter. In the next couple of days you’ll see each passage of this 3 part letter regarding my internet addiction....ENJOY!

September 18, 2009
Dear Life,
As if you thought my twitter addiction was bad it gets worse from there. It has gotten so bad that I have connected my twitter account to my Facebook account. Not only do I want everyone to know my business of twitter, but I feel my Facebook friends should know has well. Facebook is so amazing, because you can poke all the girls you want and they don’t even mind. You have your choice from 1 or 10, but you can poke them all. I love the fact that I know everything my friends are doing, from comments they leave on friends pages, picture uploads, profile changes, and status updates. I know it’s wrong, but I just seen one of the girls I’ve been waiting to talk to for a long time, just switched status to “single” 5 hours ago. I love taking pictures and then tagging people in the pictures when I catch at there worst, but they end up un-tagging themselves eventually. I’m really addicted to the “Like” button. When click on that button you receive a notification every time someone leaves a comment on the picture or status update.
The real reason why I can’t reduce my time on Facebook is because all of the application request I have accepted and must constantly keep track of. I have people constantly trying to jack me for my goods in my Mafia Wars App. I have to keep track of all my animals in Farmville, and I’m always trying to level up my hero abilities. I wish I could take a break, but I’m always getting challenged in scrabble, tetris, beer pong, and poker. I can never say no to all the cause invitations every 4 hours, because I want to be a supporter of all the great causes taking place during my time. Everyday I do a quiz to see how well I know my friends, then to see what Disney Song best fits me, and then I end the night by seeing which female friend will be my secret crush.
Every time I receive a new friend request it is only right that suggest my new friend to all my other friends. I add some really great people and I feel that all my friends should have the opportunity to meet these great people I met online. I know I can call and text my friends but I rather use Facebook chat because it makes a cool popping noise every time you receive a message.

Every time I try to sign off Facebook, one of my friends says something funny and I just have to comment. I will lose sleep at night because I will never back down from a game challenge. I can never pass on the days where 87 people are on the Facebook chat, because it is a Party for my fingers! How do I tell Facebook no?

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