Thursday, July 30, 2009

D.O.V.N. (Death of V-Neck)

My creativity was caught in sleeper hold, and is now no where to be found. Can someone help me find my ART? Random introduction for today’s blog but I’ve been struggling with my innovative side lately. I don’t know if it is just me or the 115 degree weather. I may need like 50cc’s of creative juice injected or something. Well this is my page of random thoughts so the introduction fits I guess…..Let’s get into today’s topic!

Well I’m definitely no fashion guru, but the death of V-Necks is near! You can thank all the extra buff people and super skinny people for this blog. Before I get completely into this topic I would like to say that I do own a couple of V-Neck T-shirts that are one solid color and I occasionally wear them around the house.

Raise your hand if you are tired of seeing buff ass people with no neck in your six year old brothers Ed Hardy medieval edition V-Neck. They knew the shirt was too small when they bought it. Is it me or do all the buff ass people wear V-necks with rhinestones, crosses, lions, and cursive logos. If you see one of these buff ass people in the club with a V-Neck, they usually think they are the shit. The funny part is, they are always the one to wear sandals to the club….hahahaha!

NEWS FLASH: Hey Buff Guy in the toddler size V-neck & Sandals! You are just as cool as skinny little me…….Now go find some shoes and a shirt that fits!

Skinny People, Lean People, Thin People………(Pause)………(Sigh)………..Why must you wear the extended V-neck shirts that extend down to the tip of your belly button? You know you doing wrong when you walk out of your home with that shirt on. I’m ashamed to be skinny when I see that. You have actually left me speechless and thoughtless, and I cannot write anymore!

I don’t know if I am by myself, but I would like to see the Death of V-Neck!!!!!!!!

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