Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where are your Parents?!?!/My Bloody Valentine 3D simple Review

Good Morning World!!!!! Welcome once again to another day of my blog! Typing while still in bed is comfortable and great. If have never tried this you are missing out. I also have to be to work in a little bit, so I’m kind of in a rush once again. It would make more sense if I was to get ready for work then blog rather than doing this the opposite way around……..Oh Well!

So the other day I saw My Bloody Valentine in 3D. I just want to say DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE IN 2D! It is your typical Slasher movie. Girl runs out into the open, and somehow trips on tile floor?!?!?! Suspenseful music plays, man walks around corner, no is around the corner, he pauses, turns around, killer is behind him, man dies?!?!?!!?? It doesn’t matter how fast the people run, the killer walks and catches up to everyone?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA?!?!?!?! So I recommend that you see this movie in 3D. The effects were pretty cool. At some points of the movie it feels like you are in the scene. Some blood might fly at you, bullets, eyes, a jaw, and other stuff, which makes the movie worth seeing in 3D. As I said in the beginning DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE IN 2D! Other than that….the 3D effects made the movie worth seeing.

I was at the bowling alley a couple days, and all the lanes were full. So I put my name on a waiting list and went to the arcade, since I had a few quarters in my pocket! I was playing Street Fighter, and while playing, I was listening to these kids play truth or dare. Let’s take into to consideration that these kids are in the 3rd grade (I asked). What seem to be a normal game turned into little kids kissing and talking about sex?!?! In my mind I was like WTF! This little boy with glasses said,

“You get a girl naked, and then you take of clothes, and kiss her. Then you take your pecker and put it in her hole, and she’ll make noises!”

I couldn’t even pay attention to Street Fighter anymore. There is always that one kid in the group that no one once to play with. That one kid turned out to be the snitch of the group. I kept on playing my game, and then I see a mother and father come to arcade and begin to regulate. These little kids straight up lied to the parents. They told them that they were playing the video games, and he was mad because he lost, and he didn’t want to wait his turn. Can you believe these idiot parents bought that lie?!?!? After the parents left, the little kids threatened the kid who told. I had four extra quarters in my pocket, and I put them all in the machine, and told the kids the game had free credits, because it was my turn to bowl. The little kids loved it and ran to the machine play! My question is where are these kids parents?!?!?!?!!?

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