Friday, January 9, 2009

The Phone Works Both Ways!!!

Welcome to another day in the life and times of Mr. Bess. Hope everyone is having a great day so far, and if your day hasn’t started……Hope you day turns out great when your day begins. I have to be to work in a couple hours, but I’m still down to give ya’ll a little blog!

So the other day I ran into someone at a particular location and they said,

“Long time no see.”
“How have you been?”
“Why don’t you ever call or text me anymore?”

The first two questions are fine, but the last question……the last question was ridiculous in this situation. Now I do try my best call and text people just to say hi, and to see how they are doing. This day I was like WTF!!!! I try to contact you all the time and you just never reply. Why must I contact you all the time just to see how you are doing. Why don’t you try contacting me to see how I am doing…..Naw’sayin!!! The phone works both ways!!!

Now I must attempt to get dressed super fast like super man, so I’m not late for work……Ahhhh!!!!

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