Monday, January 5, 2009

HappY BeLated NEw Years!!!!!

5………4……..3……..2…….1…………….HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!

I was feeling super great at that moment!!!! I was kicking it in the sky with Centaurus (A constellation), while drinking some Ethiopian Wine. If you haven’t had Ethiopian Wine you are missing out. It is like a 4th of July firecracker in your Mouth! My first meal of 2009 was tacos from Rubio’s! 2009 came upon us very quick. 2008 Started off somewhat rough but ended perfect!! Met a lot of new people, kicked a few lames to the side, put myself on the track, and I’m on my way to great things!!!! I plan on being successful before the age of 25. I have this “Go, Go, Get it mentality,” now, so basically there is no stopping me from achieving what I want.

This year I would like to: Take my creativity beyond sky scrapper level. Like, I want my mind to be kicking it somewhere in the solar system. I would like to become muscular like the incredible hulk. Networking is going to be one of the biggest keys this year. I would like to donate and help out a lot of people this year. I want to go on my first cruise this year… (I wonder what girl will going with me that I promised in 2008….hahaha!). There is to much want to do, but I won’t put you to sleep with my ambitions. I can promise my readers that I’m Finna go BLOG CRAZY!!!! THE Poetry page is going too updated more often as well!!!

Stay Cool, Calm, and Collect, as we all embark on this road to success!!!!!

Signing off…..This is

WaKE UP MR. BESS!!!!!!!

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