Monday, January 26, 2009

Blah Blah Blah....Complainer!

Well today is obviously Monday as ya’ll know obviously. It’s a new week, and a fresh start for the multitudes of people. I haven’t talked to the viewers since Saturday. Shame on me……right?!?!?!?! I apologize to the viewers and subscribers of my blog for that. So the types of things I have seen since the last time I talked to ya’ll……..hmmmm????

What My Eyes seen over the weekend: Kids pregnant with kids, girls who like to be treated like shit by guys, crack heads, a man do a double back on a snowmobile, watched James Stewart own the white people in motocross, Boobs, watched a 20 piece McNugget meal disappear in front of my eyes, watched customers complain, seen naked Africans on the discovery channel, watched a little boy go head first into a wall at work (hahahahaha), watched Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, watched a few of my text get sent out and no one replied (LoL), and watched a lot of beautiful women pass by, watched obese people take handicap parking spaces, and I won’t bore you all with this anymore.

So what drives a person to complain so much when they don’t get their way? Tonight at work this lady got all super crazy because she bought like a $75 Bluetooth, and wanted it paired right there and then. The majority of Bluetooth’s sold do not come with a charge. This fat drunken lady wanted the customer service rep to open all the Bluetooth’s until she found one with a charge!!! WTF…..Right?!?!?! Then she wanted to talk to manager, and then she started using foul language and yelling. She was all breathing a hard because she was out of breath right. Then she calls customer service to complain and took down all the stores information, and collected business cards. She was trip. Wasted all that breath complaining when she could hit the treadmill with all that wind she had! Sounds mean, but she got on everyone’s nerves. Complain, complain, complain, complain……..get’s you no where, creates an unnecessary scene, and is annoying! We all do it though….lol!

CRAZY FACT: IT was 129 degrees during Andy Roddick Australian Open match today….WOW!


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