Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Men Find Women’s Bodies More Attractive in the Colder Months

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Now that news may not be exciting to you but it has sure made my day! I’ll stop wasting time so we can hop right into today’s topic.

According to Anthropologist from the University of Wroclaw in Poland, men find women’s bodies more attractive in the colder months. Photos were shown to 114 men all ages. These men were asked to rate photos of women wearing swimsuits, and bare breasts, and female faces every three months. These men gave their highest scores to female’s bodies and breasts in the winter and autumn, and their lowest scores in the summer time. Researches believe the rarity of bare skin on display among women in winter makes them more alluring.

Personally I find women attractive all year round. If you look good, you look good; rather you’re in a bikini or a turtle neck. This study is an accurate study in my opinion. In the summer time women, tend to show more skin, which leaves nothing to the imaginative male mind. Cleavage and legs is at an all time high in the summer time. During the cold months women are all bundled up, and wear more clothes. In the winter time the male mind, begins to wonder what is under all that clothing you have on. It’s a whole different story when you try to apply to study to places where it stays warm all year round. I bet you don’t hear the guys telling their girls to put on a turtle neck, and some sweat pants. I read this article the other day and thought it was kind of interesting, so I decided to share it with everyone who reads my blog.

I would also like to share my laugh of the day with you all since your eyes are already here. DJ 5’2” posted this earlier on MySpace, and I couldn’t stop laughing….ENJOY!!!!!!

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