Monday, January 12, 2009

Wake Up Mr. BESS

Welcome to another day of my random thoughts! Well today I had no random thoughts, so I figured I would just talk about myself today. I hate listening to mainstream music while at home or in my car, but today I was just in the mood for it. Come to Find to out I like that Soulja Boy song “Turn on my swag.” People maybe be like why Soulja Boy?!?!?!?!? I like the song! It’s my new alarm clock ringtone! The chorus is my favorite:
Hopped up off tha bed
Turn ma swag on
Took a look in tha mirror said wassup
Yeeeeea im gettin money (ooh)

So people say I’m a pretty nice person. I look like a beast, but most girls are still comfortable with me. Even girls that are in relationships or are trying to fix their relationships tend to be comfortable with me as well…lol!!! Not my fault at all!!! The most gangsta attire that I own now is a pair of Nike dunks, Levi jeans, button up shirt, a tie, and cardigan sweater. Roselyn Shanchez is super Sexy!!!! I like to get my haircut once a week, because I can. Giving has become a major part of life. It is a great achievement to make another persons day. It is sad that other people become jealous when you are making someone else’s day but it happens multiple times. I really like Rosario Dawson to because she is like Nerdy and Sexy! I believe that David Sunflower Seeds are on of the greatest creations known to man kind. I love collard greens with some hot sauce, but beware of my gas afterwards. Original Skittles and the Original Starburst are the best. I never have been one to yell or argue. It’s a waste of breath when it comes to every life. Sunkist Orange Soda is amazing! Cherry Limeade juice is good to! I’m a fan of America’s favorite football team…….The Dallas Cowboys. The Orlando Magic is my favorite basketball team. Anaheim Angels is my favorite baseball team. There are so many sexy women!!!! My Mama has always told I me I will be successful! Mama knows best people say. I definitely accept it! I would like to pursue a career in journalism and become the owner of my own lounge called “The CooL!” Fried chicken, homemade Macaroni cheese, collard greens, jiffy cornbread, yams, and some hot sauce is a great meal. I don’t mind taking your lady out…….Just playing…….maybe I’m not….lol…..really I’m just pulling your leg. That would be terrible. I hope to get buff by only using the perfect push up. I like board games like scrabble, taboo, scattergories, boulder dash, and other games of that nature. I don’t I’m that different from everyone. We all put are pants on one leg at a time right? Sports Center, Family Guy, MTV jams, America’s next best dance crew, how it’s made, Chappelle show, TVone, Food network, travel channel, G4 tv, are just a few channels and shows that I like to watch. Why is BET not on your list Mr. Bess? BET fell off for real! I think I’m done hurting your eyes with this nonsense today!!! I’m just typing jibberish now! Have a wonderful Night!!!

Good things come to people who wait!
I promise I’ll have a cool topic for ya’ll tomorrow.

So serious, So comfortable, she says I’m silly at times, she says I’m wonderful, Mr. Bess, Yes….She’s chilling with me because I’m comfortable, doing my own thing I’m comfortable man!!!

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