Monday, March 16, 2009

Just provided you with some Blah, Blah, and Blah!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that if I could sing, I probably would not have any friends, because all conversations would sound like a musical. Anyways, how is everyone doing tonight?


That’s cool, because I don’t like answering people when they ask me questions (rude).
Personally I hate to gamble and I was given four scratchers on my birthday. Like the majority of gifts, I will use it. Out of four scratchers I won $4 on a $3 card. I’m thankful for that scratcher, because that will cover a meal for me or something else important where $4’s will be the deciding factor.

So last blog I failed to mention that every single picture in my camera was deleted! Things happen, and I’m happy that the bulk of them were saved on my laptop, except the photos from that night. It was truly a sad moment, but life goes on, and new moments will be captured.

The weather in Apple Valley, Ca was amazing today. It felt so good, that I put in a little 2 mile run and washed my car!

Awkward Moment: Today while I was at work, and a small Asian woman came in to pay her bill. She did not know how to work the machine and ask for my help. I was not paying attention until she tapped me on my butt twice and then asked for help.

I can admit today’s blog is really boring! Homework drains a lot out of the mind or maybe I’m just a boring guy…..who knows. Well time for me to get back on this homework!

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