Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small Part of my Weekend

What’s Up internet World! I missed you all for the last few days. I’ve been out and about these last few days. Life seems so much better when you do have work and you get to relax. That’s why I feel becoming a Vacation Specialist would be one of the best jobs ever! 2009 is still going strong for Mr. Bess. Doors are starting to open; I have acquired some sex appeal (HaHaHa), and the ladies are starting to like me for some reason now. I wonder what the difference is?!?!?!? I don’t know and who cares right! It has been a crazy weekend indeed. I’m no celebrity blogger but Chris Brown and Rihanna are the Ike and Tina Turner and Alex Rodriguez added himself to the long list of sports players who used drugs to enhance their performance on the field. That’s all I have to say about that.

Well I consider my weekend one of the best weekends ever! Relaxation hit its highest peak. Kid Cudi never showed up but N.E.R.D. put on a good show. Concerts in the Mud will make your shoes extremely grimy. If you didn’t know, now you know for future reference. All the girls in riverside you…..I freakin Love you All! They provided me and my cousin with Five Star hotel accommodations and they are some cool ass Friends to have! Hope we get to enjoy many more weekends together! Laser Tag Anyone (inside Joke)?!?!?!

Awkward Moment: While kicking it in the beer garden of the concert, and man appears and says he would kiss another man to see girls kiss?!?!?!

Random Thoughts: Doesn’t suck when you wake up to the smell of your own fart?!?!?! Don’t you hate the fact that your eyes water up while trying to pull out a nose hair?

Well I’m a little off on my blog game right now since I took a break. I’m going to have to end it right now. So sorry to cut it short. Disappointment I know. Tomorrow I promise I post some cool stuff, but what is more cool than pictures of me and my favorite girls from riverside!
Have a goodnight!


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tbess said...

LiL Bro...good to see you building your follower nation...you're talented and give me laughs everytime I read your thoughts or other work...anyway...I'm back in the states and can't wait til we catch up...Phoenix is right around the corner.