Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I’m Feelin’ Myself a Little to Much (Most Random Blog Yet!)

What’s Up World! It’s another day, another night, and another blog just for you! Last night at 11:00pm I bought K’Naan’s Album Troubadour on ITunes. Great Music + Something New = AMAZING! Finally a breath of fresh air has entered the music industry. It is a must have album, so go and pick it up!

SAD NEWS: I lost my IPod! What Am I to do? Listen to the Radio…….NOOOOO!!!!! Well I do like Dr. Laura because she puts people on blast about their problems. Now my long walks to class will be silent. Looks like I’m going back to burning CD’s again……*Sigh* Also while at school today I put money in a Pepsi vending machine to get a drink and nothing came out. I was really thirsty to!

UPDATE: I FOUND MY IPOD, but have not got my $1.50 from the Pepsi Vending Machine!

Have you ever met someone more perfect than I? I am a rare breed, so that would be a no for you. I have the body of an African Greek God. I stay in shape by wrestling with elephants, racing cheetah’s, and bench pressing hippopotamus. Anytime I go swimming or take a shower, I always come out dry, therefore no towel is needed. Women love my facial hair because it feels like velvet. Women ranging between the ages of 18-100 faint while in my presence. The last girl who hugged me ended up in a coma for 12 months(She is doing well). One time I slept with an Asian girl. After we were done, her eyes became round. Last year I went on America’s Best Dance Crew alone, and won the whole show. Since I dance so well, I just glide and moon walk to all my destinations. When I sing on rainy days, God opens the clouds, and the sun only shines on me. Back when I was 10 years old Hulk Hogan attempted to leg drop me, but I broke his legs before he could even think about it. I was the only kid nice enough to let the Trix rabbit try his own cereal. Chuck Norris will admit that my roundhouse kick sent him flying through a window on the 85th floor of the Empire State Building. Ever since that time, we have been best friends.

I believe I have took this blog to far now….LoL! I had a good time with it though!

Boredom does not kill; it just makes you think of crazy stuff!!! Have A Good Night!!!!!

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Cor Cor said...

$1.50 for a soda??? Oh hell no.