Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things are going Good but Things could get Better

Welcome to another day of my blog! It’s been a few, but days back I’m back in the swing of things, since I’m back in school full time and working full time as well. I promise to keep ya’ll updated on my random thoughts, and new updates with the Wake up Mr. Bess Movement! A few days ago I played laser tag, and had a blast. Instead of teams it was a 16 person free for all which was insane. That was my Fun for last week and dinning at PF Changs near Downtown Disney.

Something that I am really looking forward this Tuesday is the album release of K’Naan. His album is titled Troubadour. Check out the album premier at I’m feeling the whole album so it is a must buy on Tuesday for me. I’m sorry that I didn’t have a crazy topic to talk about today like I usually do, but I do have something for everyone to look forward to. The Wake Up Mr. Bess Comic Series will be dropping very soon! Crazy I know! It is based of the Life and Times of Mr. Bess with a hint of fantasy and a positive message. All the art work is done by Cary Middleton and you can reach him at

Something else that I would like to start doing is featuring artist on my page. So if you have any kind of talent hit me up at or the sites listed below.

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