Thursday, February 5, 2009

Techniques Used When Regular Nintendo Games Do Not Work

Hello Internet World! Once Again I would like to welcome everyone to another day of my random blog! The weather in the High Desert is kind of crazy. Strong winds and the rain drops are ridiculously large. With weather like this I plan on staying in tonight despite it is the start of the weekend for most. Personally I’m excited for this weekend! Heat 2009 which will include N.E.R.D. & Kid Cudi! In additional to those performers, I get to party with beautiful girls!

IMPORTANT: So my birthday is coming up in the month of March and I’m thinking of going on a cruise. Sounds like a good idea right?

Back in the day was amazing. Osh Kosh overalls, Regular Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, bicycles, hi-top fades, and fun all day, are just a few of things from back in the day. Not having to worry about the pressures in life such as bills, work, deadlines, relationships, fitting in, etc. The main focus of the of today’s blog is Regular Nintendo and the techniques used when games did not work. We all have had are own signature techniques. Rather you would blow the dust out of the cartridge and the system, put alcohol on a q-tip and clean the cartridge, wrap the game around your shirt and blow in the cartridge, etc. I would just like to take you down memory lane with a few techniques tonight.

1. Blow dust of the cartridge and the inside of the cartridge (WORLD FAMOUS)
2. The Rapid Assault: Insert the game cartridge, and rapidly press it up and down.
3. Insert the game cartridge and insert another game cartridge on top.
4. Put rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and wipe the inside of the cartridge
5. Insert the game cartridge in the system and wiggle it side to side gently.

Well that concludes my Blog for tonight. Hope enjoyed! If you have any different techniques that you have used, be sure to comment or send me a message.

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babycake said...

LMAO!!! i used to do that bro would make me do all that techniques. putting my t-shirt over and blow it..and the rapid move. LOL.

goood blog my dear friend. =]