Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emotional Girls + Social Networking Sites (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook) = SMH!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back! Instead of posting Mixtapes, Videos, or pictures, I felt the need to talk my shit again! It is blog number 100 and It has been a while since I posted my random thoughts and truly do miss posting them!

In this day and age social networking sites have changed the way we communicate with each other. It is funny to me because myspace, facebook, and twitter are used by a multitude of people just to keep in contact with the same 20-30 friends that they speak to on a daily basis. The majority of us, who have cell phones, use our phones to comment on people’s pages, when we could just call that person. I won’t lie to you; I do it all the time. Its cool reading people’s status updates and twitter updates. You get a good laugh every now and then, but don’t you hate it when people abuse status update rights by posting their emotional issues and relationships problems for everyone to see! I see more females do than males all the time.

Emotional girls have abused their rights to status updates & twitter @replies. These girls are online looking for cyberspace therapy.

For Example:


Crzy_SxY @whoevercares I never had a feeling like this for anyone…I think he is the one!
20 seconds ago

Crzy_SxY @whoevercares Why do I always end up with guys who use me! Why does this always happen to me! I’m done with guys!!!!
18 hours ago


JANE DOE I told myself I would never fall for him again. I told myself to stay strong but he captured my heart. When I thought everything was perfect he crushed my heart again. I cry every night searching for sympathy and peace of mind. For Christmas please send me Mr. Right!

These girls post their problems online make them more vulnerable for the next guy to come in and do the same thing, which leads to another pathetic status update! These are the girls we want to be with, but not seriously…lol! That’s why I shake my head at these girls! Alright I can’t lie I’ve done this before within a blog post a long time ago when I was all in for this girl, but I will leave that for you to find if it is still around! I’m officially done talking my shit again! Until next time……Happy Holidays!